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What’s So Great About iOS – Science Behind Apple’s Smartphone OS

Apple was able to create and achieve a unique feat in the world of mobile smart phones. It developed an operating system that had a compatible hardware and developer tools –all made by the experts at Apple Inc. This uniqueness resulted in one of the most user friendly application system to be launched within the smart phones.

iOS 5 Jailbreak on iPod Touch

From among all the smart phones available in the market today, the Apple iPhone’s iOS is the most advanced module which is loaded with heaps of new and well defined technologies. All those applications which give such a smooth user friendly interface on the touch screen run on Xcode developer tools package, which includes Xcode IDE, Apple LLVM  Compiler, etc. These tools guide the users over live timeframe in the procedure of downloading the correct application from the App Store. Apart from giving a great App experience, the tools judge the need of the user a step ahead, and respond with animations, images and designs very fast indeed. So any place one gets struck in the App, one is easily guided out of the bad situation through these analytical tools.

iOS Simulator

Apart from the actual operating system performing behind the scenes in the iPhones, Apple gives its users an opportunity to do a test run of any application through its iOS Simulator. With this device the users get the actual feel of any application which they would like to download and install.

Why iOS is Most Advanced Smartphone OS ?

Apple has the most advanced iOS, which along with its horde of developer tools, makes the mobile phone perform such tasks which were unimaginable in a mobile few years back. This advanced operating system allows the mobile to perform many tasks in the back ground, without putting any strain on the battery life. All this has been possible due to the powerful technologies which have been derived from the built -to- perfection hard core of the Mac OS X system and the use of Cocoa Technology. These two advanced technologies helped to give the needed thrust to the iOS of the iPhones. Apple used its knowledge and expertise in the Mac range of computers to full advantage in its multi touch finger sensitive user interface of the iPhones