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What to Look for When Buying a Refurbished iPhone

It is easy to see that buying a refurbished cell phone has unique advantages. You get to save a significant amount of money, avoid costly contracts, and get a reliable piece of technology that may be otherwise inaccessible. However, when shopping for refurbished items, there are certain things you need to know. So, this guide covers what to look for when buying an iPhone that has been repaired.

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Is It Unlocked?

If you want to save yourself some hassle and fuss, it is important to buy a device that is already unlocked. This means you will be able to sit your SIM card straight inside and start using it with no delays to speak of. Look for somewhere that has models like the iphone 13 unlocked and ready to go, so that you don’t have to mess around and spend more money than you first expected.

The Warranty Options

Having a decent warranty will also save you a lot of anxiety about your new-ish device. Warranties are things offered by the company you buy from to cover the repairs in a set period of time. So, if your device malfunctions, you should be able to request either a replacement or a rapid repair job as long as it’s within the active warranty timeframe.

The Price

There are thousands of refurbished iPhones online and in second-hand stores. It therefore makes sense that there is also a wide price range to explore. Find your feet online by browsing through key sellers and getting comfortable with the expected cash label attached to the various iPhone models. For older phones like the iPhone 11 you may get a great refurbished deal around $100, but this will increase in line with how new the model is and the level of condition too.

What’s In the Box?

It is more typical to find that a refurbished sale doesn’t come with much else apart from the phone. Typically, it will be in a new box with the company you are buying from’s label. However, this is not always the case. Some sellers offer the phone plus charger, or even phone plus headphones. The trick here is to shop around and look at all of the options. Remember, if you don’t buy a charger as a part of the original purchase, you will need one fairly quickly.

The Condition

Finally, always try to get a real sense of the actual condition of the phone. There will be pictures to browse through, but often these have no tangible way of showing you what’s on the inside of the device. Look through the product description and draft up a list of questions for the seller prior to purchase if you are not sure about anything that’s in front of you. It is better to know before spending the money than find out afterward! There are various conditions you can buy when looking at refurbished models, ranging from basically new to scratched and damaged.

Buying a refurbished iPhone can save you time and energy, but it has to be the right investment. Take your time with this purchase and look at all of the options and small print before you spend any money.