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TwinsMatcher iPhone/iPad Game Review – Loads of Features With New Version!

If you still remember, I had recently reviewed the first version of this app Twinsmatcher, Developers have come up with all new version of the same iOS game, which is loaded with outstanding features, graphics and more juice to your overall gameplay.

The new version of this game is called as Twinsmatcher 2.1, and is available for all iOS users on iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone. Lets digg deeper in to the review of this new version.

Twinsmatcher iOS Game Review

The game is based on the impressive hand drawn graphics, where you have to select the twin icons one after other and score higher. You first tap on any image and then you have to find its twin from the screen full of icons as quickly as possible and gain points. Note that selecting any two icons is not only thing you are supposed to do but they should be selected where paths are clear to meet them. Also when you are in trouble, you can shake your iPhone and reshuffle all the icons to start playing again quickly.

The newer version offer details in-game instructions, which are very handy for new users to understand the game quickly. It was not available in previous version of the game, so a nice little feature adds more interactive instructions for users convenience.

Twinsmatcher Free iPhone Game 2012

With the newer version of this game design for Apple devices, new graphics levels are added to add more entertainment to your overall gameplay. The newer version is even more stable compared to previous one, and works very fluidly on iPod Touch & iPhone. iPad version also utilizes the best aspect of the tablet, which is its big screen, Twinsmatcher fits perfectly on it and looks even more beautiful on that mighty retina display.

The new level for beginners to understand the game and get speedy in overall gameplay to score more number of pints. You can also earn virtual coins for specific score targets and these virtual coins can be used to unlock more graphic levels or to buy extra time to finish current games.

The game settings allow you to turn on and off music, sounds, animation &  instructions.Also as the developers promised previously, they introduced all new leaderboard feature, which shows top players, best scores and more information of all Twinsmatcher fans.

With new graphic levels, virtual coins, leaderboard & instructions, Twinsmatcher has matured in to one of the most addictive game that is currently available on iOS market. I would like to recommend this game to all iOS users of every age group & as the game is free you h

Cost: Free

compatible For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (With iOS 4.0 or higher)

Ratings – 5/5

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