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TwinsMatcher Game Review – Fun App for For iPhone & iPad!

iPhone & iPad has always been on top as  platform for casual & hardcore gamers and one of the real fun and unique iOS game app I am going to review today is called as – TwinsMatcher.

The game is simple as its name suggests, all you have to do is match the twin icons from the bunch of icons to get points and I will explain exactly how it works before I jump in to the review.

How TwinsMatcher Game App Works?

Like any other game you see options for game levels as – Easy, Classic, Advanced, Impossible & few extra options. When you jump in for any of the levels mentioned before you will see number of icons on-screen.

TwinsMatcher iPhone App

All you have to do is find the twin icons in the vicinity, and tap both of them. As you keep finding twin icons, path will get cleared up and you earn more and more points move to next levels.

Though the concept of the TwinsMatcher looks simple, but game is full of fun and joy for all group of ages.And hey this cool game TwinsMatcher is 100% Free!

Let’s digg in deeper with its features, entertainment level and design with my exclusive user review of TwinsMatcher below.

TwinsMatcher iPhone/iPad Game Review

The game design is completely made of hand drawn graphic, which is a different experience than most of the games you see these days on Apple App Store.

Hand drawn kind of reminds of of the games I used to play, when I was a kid – Making drawings on slate & walls enjoy creating mess that we all used to love.

The interface is not just different it i is very responsive and hold you to play for at least 2-3 time ones you opt for it. The overall gameplay is very superior and specially the advance and impossible levels are really tough to get your hands on easily.

TwinsMatcher iPhone iPad GameEven on different sizes of iPad & iPhone, You will enjoy the game equally for sure & additive more specifically on iPhone.

The game is entertaining for sure and worth spending your time on but most importantly, If you have kids in home they will enjoy this game much more than you!

The developers are constantly providing new features and they are also going to provide following new developments very soon.

New levels
New icons set

So wait no more and download this fun little game called – Twinsmatcher!

TwinsMatcher App Video Demo

Developers have provided the nice demo of the TwinMatcher game, with how it works & So that you can get complete idea. Check out the following YouTube video demo of TwinMatcher app.

TwinsMatcher Game App Download

This amazingly fun game is available for Free to download in iTunes market. You can download it to your iPhone & iPad and start playing now!

Download TwinsMatcher Game

Also, Check out Developer Website for support and features updates – TwinsMatcher Website