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TwinsMatcher Summer iPhone/ iPad App Review – Amazing Time Killer!

If you recently missed my game review of Twinsmatcher Version 2.1, here is all new version of the same game with addition of funkey little graphics make your gaming experience even beautiful called – Twinsmatcher Summer

TwinsMatcher Summer iOS App Review 

The game starts with pretty interface that contains ton of icons and you have to fund adjacent twin matches of them. There is time limit and you earn coins for various level assigned to different tasks.

The music of this is compelling and you can quickly get addicted to this challenging board game, which can be enjoyed by users of all ages. The animated instructions are even better this time, though some users might find it obtrusive. And of course you always have option to disable the animations, sounds and even suggestions to customize this game properly.

The game comes with levels named – Shark, Crab, Lobster, Octopus, Tuna & Whale, which have separate challenges and condition to achieve coins and eventually big scores on their leaderboard.

Twinsmatcher Summer Game on iPad


As you can see in above screenshot, game looks fabulous on big iPad screen but it is equally enjoyable on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The developers have fixed many bugs compared to previous version for better gameplay & smoother UI experience.

All the icons and graphics reminds you of beaches, summer trips and elegant fishes, and that is why the game is named as Twinsmatcher Summer! I will definitely recommend this game to all iOS users, not just because it comes for free but for challenging gameplay and guaranteed fun experience.

Cost: Free

Ratings – 5/5

Available on – iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Download Twinsmatcher Summer