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Screen Capture In Mac – Top 10 Tools For That You Must Have

There are various scenarios, where we feel the need of screen capture supplication to create tutorials and presentation to elaborate the thing in the video and pictorial format to your creation a visual touch. I am a Mac user and recently I came across plenty of screen recorder which you can use on Mac.

Some of the screen capture tools in the Mac only records the images where as there are few more advance apps which also record the screen and with which you can even create video presentation and tutorials. I would like to reveal few of the apps for the screen capture in Mac, most of which are free tools/apps.

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10 Best Tools Screen Capture In Mac (Screen Recording)

So let us have a look at the following Mac Screen record and Mac Screen capture applications. Please do note that, not all applications are freeware and users have to pay for the subscription or for license.


Copernicus is a freeware app for Screen capture In Mac, this application allows the user to Record screen In Mac. However you will be only able to record short videos but that too without sound. You can also capture still images and can store them in your image gallery. This app is competent for writing tutorials where you just need to demonstrate your views without voiceover. The file size is 4.9 MB and you can download this Mac screen recording application from this link.

Capture Me

Another freeware in our list is the Capture Me, which is also an app to Screen capture In Mac. As compared to the Copernicus, this app offers more features and capabilities like floating capture window, resizing to different resolution and also provide several output options. However capture me only provides screen capture mode to take still pictures. This app Record screens In Mac and also allows the recording of short videos that too without voiceover and sound. It is not a competent app for video tutorials.

You can download this very small app from this link.


For Screen capture In Mac, captureit is recently published product and it is among the efficient tool which not only provides screen capture but also Record screen In Mac. In terms of performance, this Mac screen record app is quite fast and competent tool for the Mac devices. The apps cost around USD 15, however you can use the demo version to understand the capabilities offered in the application.

Download link: Captureit


ScreenRecord is another fabulous app for the screen capture in Mac. This app allows the user to capture videos of the current screen just like you might have seen in the Quicktime movies. With the user friendly and low budget, this app is quite appealing to Record screen In Mac for creating video presentation and tutorials. Demo of this application can be downloaded to seek for the capabilities it offers.

This 6.5 MB app is available for download from this source.

Screen Capture In Mac

iShowU Screen Recording Tool

Another interesting and useful application for Screen capture In Mac is the iShowU. This app is one of my favourite apps as it allows the record screen in Mac with the clear voiceover and audio. This app records the HD quality of videos which offers crystal clear stills. Capabilities like scalability, displaying keyboard commands and highlighting actions make this app a powerful and competent tool for editing final cuts. This app is quite expensive and you can get it in the price range of USD 20 to 60 depending upon the version.

You can download this app from this link: iShowU


This apps offers quite similar features and screen capture capabilities like other app do. But for sure you will see the difference in the quality of the Screen capture In Mac. This app assures the smooth recording and capturing of the stills with fluid motion technique. Just like other paid apps, this app Record screen In Mac along with the internal and external audio. Another useful capability which it offers is the ability to display the keyboard commands and it also highlights the mouse stokes and clicks. User can even save the project with raw footage and can also modify it later by exporting the video. This 3.0 MB app cost in the range of USD 25 to 29 depending upon the version and other terms and conditions. It only works on Mac 10.4 and above.


This German product is a competent tool which additional language support. This tool for Screen capture In Mac offers similar capabilities as mentioned in the above tools, however it offers additional features like mouse pointer, highlighting the movements in the real time and it also record the video with audio. You can use the demo of this app to understand the offerings and can get the paid version in USD 38. For using this app you need to be a Mac OS 10.4.9 or above user.

Screen Mimic

Screen Mimic is another impressive and expensive app for Screen capture In Mac which allows the recording of desktop screen and it provides you competent support to create SWF flash movies, FLV flash videos and even the Quicktime files. This app is quite expensive, however it does not offers a huge leap in the price in which it is being offered.  This USD 65 app works on Mac 10.4 or higher versions.

Snapz Pro X

This app for Screen capture In Mac is again an expensive one with USD 69, however you can play around with the demo version to understand the capabilities it offers. You need to have Mac OS 10.3.9 or above to utilise the capabilities of this app. The good thing about this app is the fast speed and additional features it offers.


Last in the list of apps for Screen capture In Mac is the ScreenFlow which is the most expensive app in this list. This USD 99 app is really an impressive one and seems to be worth to pay for. It offers the capabilities like recording from desktop, video camera, internal and external audio voiceover to create rich and compelling video. It also offers powerful editing tool which allows competent capabilities for creating enrich output. This app works on Mac 10.5 and above.

So, these were the top 10 tools for capturing the screen in Mac which you can try out, I hope you might have found this post to be relevant for your interest.

As the market in any technology is flooded with various impressive apps, surely I might have missed out so many of your favourite apps, but still I would be happy if you can share your views and provide me the opportunity to come back with your favourite ones.