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Raphael PetMed iPad App Review: Pet Health Tracking On iPad!

There have been several health care apps I have reviewed before, but this one is different and essential because it’s not for you, it’s for your pet. This new iPad app is called – Raphael PetMed!

Raphael PetMed iPad App Review

As the name suggests, this app has been designed to take care of your pets medical information and track its health.Starting from the birth, and the location you got your pet from, you can log in complete medical history of your pet.


Any history of its medical treatments & illness your pet has gone through, it must be logged in this iPad. With the comprehensive set of tools always at your disposal, Raphael PetMed helps you keep important data logged in your busy day-to-day life.

raphael-pet-med-4Apart from regular medical logs, important information about surgeries, insurance & emergency medical contacts can be stored in the PetMed app.  Weight Loss & Gain of your pets app is most important information your Vet can use, and it can be logged in this app. 

raphael-pet-med-5Raphael PetMed app creates graph of weight history and more data, which is readily available every time you go to your Vets clinic. It saves your time noting down all the information, and explaining everything personally to the Vet. 

raphael-pet-med-2This app has been fully optimized for the iPad’s retina display resolution and the overall look is visually pleasing.  For the price of $4.99, you can only store information about the one pet you own, which can be increased upto 4 pets per $4.99 you spend, and you can even opt for $24.99 unlimited option. You can also upgrade to the PetMed+ to get reminders and notifications for your appointments. Overall, this app do sound little expensive, but if you are serious about your pet’s care, it should not be a big deal.

Cost: $4.99 (For Single Pet)

Raphael PetMed