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PoopTime iPhone App Review – Income Tracker Of The Wasted Time!

When it comes to tracking your financial activities, there is ton of apps already available in iTunes market for iOS devices such as iPhone & iPad. But today we are presenting one app that sounds total crazy but tracks valuable information – PoopTime!

Poop time basically keeps track of how much time you are spending in restroom during your job, and calculates how much money you made in that time. As I said it is little weird, but if you give this app a try for 2-3 days, you will be amazed to see how significant amount of money you earned in that time.

I am not sure, what productive you are going to make out of that information, use it for fun or use restroom for little longer to make money while doing 0 work at office. 😉

App developers has provided decent interface that gives keeps track of how frequently you are taking restroom breaks, longest time you spent in there & some poop jokes and facts to keep your stomach happy within that time.

PoopTime iPhone App

So overall its kind of a crazy concept, but the development was done seriously over it and interface is quite responsive as well. Any new user can easily understand how to operate the app thanks to its good design. Additionally PoopTime allows you to share status on Facebook & Twitter such as ‘Just made $.0.36 because I used the restroom for 00 Hours, 01 Minutes, 16 Seconds at work. #pooptime ‘

The app is good, and I would recommend this app for all corporate junkies who loves to share their money making with colleagues and friends and for the rest, I am not sure if it is productive in any way.

Our Rating – 3/5

Cost: $0.99

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