ByPost Postcard Maker iPhone App Review – Send Cards From Your iPhone!

When anyone talk about mailing these days, is directly assumed as e-mails. But if you still want to send your loved ones some real post cards, There is a great app that lets accomplish the same on your iPhone – ByPost Postcard Maker.

Post Card Maker iPhone App

The app is very simple but makes the tedious process fairly simple, and the best part is that app comes free in Apple iTunes market, which can be installed on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

The app is associated with the ByPost card sending service, and there is very nominal charge for each post card you send all over the world. The process in it self very simple and so the user interface.

Postcard Maker iPhone App

You can choose photo available on your device or capture one quick photo ad add it to the postcard. You can write your message which comes up with text limit they can print on that post card, and then you are just one click away from sending the postcard. You have to enter a detailed address and the post cards are printed & sent right away, which are delivered within short period of time.

The interface is very simple and even new user can get things done very quickly, as they have kept the interface as traditional post cards. Though app lacks quick photo editing tool, that might have added more versatility to it, but it is not essential for sending a post card.

Postcard Maker iPhone App

The app does its task very well & you do not have to go out there & buy post card, stamp it and then send it. The service of ByPost is really quick & that is why I would like to recommend this app for those who love to send post cards and even those who are willing to send it digitally & deliver it as real postcard.

Rating – 4.5 /5

Cost: Free

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