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PDF Reader Pro Review – iPhone/iPad App For Your Every PDF Needs!

There has been a great growth in Document usage over smartphones, but I have always struggled for better access and productive use of PDF files on any smartphone OS. Today, I am going to review one amazing PDF app that has been a best-seller across many categories and countries named as – PDF Reader Pro.

iPhone App For PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro Review – For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad 

The most important functions I am looking in to any Document app is – Speed, Editing Support and Accessibility, PDF Reader pro gives me exactly all of this and much more.

Many other apps perform good when they are accessing smaller PDFs of 10-25 text pages, but then PDF size and quality gets higher most of the readers gives a lot of lag and overall the reading experience starting to suck. PDF Reader Pro offers way to much performance improvement over all of them, where I tried to open a huge e-book for animators that has ton of high-end effects to it. And guess what? this little app was running it all in natural speed like I am on desktop computer. As I move on to next pages, it renders all text and images really fast before your eye reaches the text and the overall reading experience becomes amazing.

iPhone App For PDF Reader Sync

There are every possible accessibility options for the app, as it lets you transfer the files quickly from PC/Mac to iPhone very easily and super-fast! All you have to do is going to options and click on Wi Fi option, it will display a unique URL/IP address as shown in following image. And you have to open the same in Browser and you can upload as many files you want quickly.

Browser Upload - PDF Reader Pro Review

Developers have also incorporated iCloud, SugarSync and other convenient cloud storage for accessing those files from anywhere on web.

Additionally, You can add scanned pictures, scan them using your iPhone, Create PDF files and Convert most of the formats to PDF very quickly using this app. Pictures can also be edited and cropped for adding more visibility to it right inside the PDF Reader Pro.

The app was already selected as the Best Business App of App Store Rewind 2011 in Australia, New Zealand and other countries. PDF Reader Pro offers comprehensive functions such as fast rendering speed, saving documents to PDFs, scanning images to PDFs, and annotating documents. In addition, the app differentiated itself from other competitors with its PDF form filling function.

There are many other tiny functions like – selecting and searching text on web, using marker on PDFs, creating bookmarks and printing quickly using airplay, which makes this app a definite must-have!

Cost: $2.99

Ratings – 5/5

Download PDF Reader Pro for iPhone / iPod Touch /iPad