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ourUSB iOS App Review: Social Integration of Cloud Tasks!

Social networking is great at communication for various reasons, but when it comes to collaborating on a work together, we cant really trust to post information or files with number of other people. To tackle this, there is a great free app for iOS that integrates cloud into a private social network. This app is called – ourUSB!

ourUSB iOS App Review

As I’ve said already, this builds up a private network for your social communication and activities that can be only accessed by authorised people or groups. If you are a student, you can use it to collaborate with other students on a project. If you are an enterprise, and want to integrate a simple medium for team communication and work, then ourUSB is a perfect solution for all of your needs.

ourUSB-ios-App-1So how does this exactly work?

Just like any other cloud based service, you can simply store files or any other data and organize it as you need it with the help of folders. You can create a group, invite people to that group and set access credentials that can only be available to all the members.

ourUSB-ios-App-2You can post simple status updates of the work, so your colleagues can check up on you, or suggest you improvements of your task. Other users of the group can like or comment on your status updates, that will bring you the true juice of social networking in to your work environment. 

ourUSB-ios-App-4ourUSB is definitely a perfect solution for Social Cloud, as it lets you interact and manage the personal and social information, directly within a single platform. And when you are using this app, you don’t even need a third party service like emails or popular social networks.

ourUSB-ios-App-3With every free account you get 18GB of free storage, which is one of the highest offered compared to any other popular storage services. You can sync data to access it at multiple places or devices, and never worry about stupid promotional mails or any other extras that you will never need.

This app will totally help you  save lot of memory on your hard drive thanks to its big storage capacity, but whats more important is, it will keep your all data secured and safe. Also, you can simply communicate using group chat, just like WhatsApp, as you can see in following image.

ourUSB-ios-App-5The user interface is very easy to understand and looks good on both iPhone & iPad. Overall, I will highly recommend this app for those, who are looking for social essence in their work environment, and you should definitely try this app considering its a free one!

Cost: Free

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