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Kidpix iPhone App Review – Beautiful Artwork Management App For Parents!

While most of the apps for games are basically games or educational stuff, I am going to review a really great app for parents to collect their child’s artwork & drawings in supremely efficient way – Kidpix!

Kidpix iOS App Review

As i said, this app is a great companion for parents who loves to store memories of their kids work in well-managed form. It’s always mess collecting the numerous rough drawings our child makes and some of them are just magical. Kidpix provide a great solution to this issue and makes it a piece of cake to create chronicled portfolio of all the artwork.

The app is not just limited to drawings as you can practically save any picture to this portfolio, date it, name it and make add comments as well. Kidpix also lets you add frames, edit & resize all the artwork. Also, your child is saved as artist in the app and you can add as much artists as you can. This portfolio can be quickly shared as postcard via Email, Twitter, Flickr,Facebook & Tumblr.

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The interface of Kidpix is colorful and very easy to learn, as your kid can even add the artwork himself with small the practice. The refreshing UI makes it look outstanding on iPhone & iPad’s retina displays and being a free app, I would highly recommend this to all iOS users who are parents as well!


Ratings: 5/5

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