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iOS 4 – A Mixture of New Technologies Introduced With It

iOS is the most advanced platform in mobiles & as we are very close to the release of final release of iOS 5, I though I should write about technologies introduced with it.

Apple iPhone enables the users to do multitasking very conveniently and smoothly thanks to iOS4 introduction. It is the mobile operating system for the next generation. Everything is possible with iOS4. There are various technologies available inside the iOS4. A wide range of technologies is available so as to enhance the iPad.


The viewing experience is extended by the use of airplay. New media players which support airplay can be used for viewing a variety of content like movies, photos, music etc. Web content can also be uploaded in order to support airplay.

HTTP Live Streaming Statistics.

One can measure the performance and the popularity of their streams by using iOS. One can also track who is watching the videos and for how much duration they are watching them. These statistics can be used for delivering optimized content to customers.

Multi tasking.

Multitasking is made very easier by iOS4. In this way one can surely save the battery life and performance. Various tasks can be performed in the background.

  1. Background audio – users can listen to their favorite songs while playing games, surfing the web etc.
  2. Voice over IP – Users can receive calls even when they are busy using another application. Even when the phones are locked the users need not worry as iOS 4 gives the option of receiving calls in spite of that.
  3. Background location – Users can be continuously guided by navigation applications even though they are using other applications.  This can surely help the social networking applications to track the locations of friends and users.
  4. Push notifications– Even when the application is not working, one can get alerts from remote servers.
  5. Local notifications – One can easily get updates about scheduled events and alarms, even though there are no servers.
  6. Task finishing – If a user leaves the task mid way, he need worry not as the application would be running in the background and completing the task.
  7. Fast app switching – Sometimes the users quit the application mid way and have to reload it again. But with iOS 4, one can resume the application from where it was stopped.


It is a new platform for mobile ads. It is a combined interactivity between TV ads and web ads. Many a times it so happens, that when the users click on ads, they are directed to a web page. The application is stopped and the users have to reload it. IAd is successful in solving this problem. One can view the interactive ads without leaving the application. Users can resume to the application whenever they like.