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5 Vital iPhone Apps for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love to wonder in the outdoor places, you will always look for the enjoyment, thrill and adventure, but have you ever though that you can enrich the experience of outdoor wonders by using your iPhone Apps, if not let me have the privilege to introduce you to some of the fabulous and essential iPhone Apps which you should certainly use for outdoor adventure.

These iPhone Apps could be of great use, whether you are looking forward to secure your kayak or figuring out the best path down the mountain. We have come up with the five most essential apps to enhance your experience of your outdoor wonder.

 1. Basic First Aid and CPR app for iPhone:

Safety is must to avoid any accident or any unwanted event. Leaving fun aside, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of the safety information at crisis situations. This Basic First Aid app is created by American Heart Association and it consist of 34 videos and around 46 illustrations which are designed to help yourself and others in case of emergency. From applying the basic techniques to the advance one, this app provides the aid to adults, children and infants. This iPhone app can really make your outdoor and adventurous trip more secure and safe.

You can get this app in just USD 1.99.

Basic First Aid and CPR app for iPhone


2. All Trails Maps:

In any outdoor trip, nothing can be more frustrating then the inaccurate trail map. AllTrail is an iPhone app which is invaluable if you are moving around and had lost your path. You can use this app just like Google Apps. This app enables you the 40,000 trail guides for mountain biking, fishing, and snowshoeing and for hiking. You can also have a look to the reviews of others on the trail and can decide whether to go for it or not.

This app is free and you can download it from here.

3. Bear Essentials from Bear Grylls:

In case you get stuck in the stage where it comes to the ultimate survival then this fabulous app will be your hand in the case of emergency. The Bear Essential is an iPhone app which provides you the hands on survival advice with the interactive instructional manuals, games and quizzes. Bear Grylls took all his survival training from British Special Forces and he provides countless tips to survive even in the unusual conditions. Every thing from his knowledge has been bunch up in this app which you can access in on your iPhone at the time of extreme verge of survival.

You download this fabulous app you have to bear just USD 2.99.

Bear Essentials from Bear Grylls Outdoor iPhone App

4. Identify the Animal foot prints with MY Natural Animal Tracks:

From lion to bear, from big cats to snake, MY Natural Animal Tracks is an iPhone app which helps you to identify the wide animal which recently passed through your path. This app has pics and complete illustration of the size and shape foot prints of the wild animals and reptiles with which you can avoid the risk of direct interaction with the danger.

This app will cost you USD 6.99 and you can download it from here.

Identify the Animal foot prints with MY Natural Animal Tracks

5. 360 Panorama

If you are looking forward to capture the beauty of your surrounding then Panorama 360 app will allow you to access your camera as the full features 360 degree panoramic camera to capture the impressive panoramas in seconds.

This app costs you just USD .99 and you can download it from here.

360 Panorama Outdoor iPhone App

This is a guest post by Sumit Gupta, who blogs about technology news at his blog The News 247. If you want to write a guest post for us check out our guidelines here

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  1. Apart from the trekking kit, these iphone apps too are a must have I guess. We often when venturing out for an adventure forget the safety measures and head out to a freaking 20-30 feet bouldering with just a crash mat at the disposal. The first aid app is something I am waiting to check out for! Thanks for this list of apps, I being a trekking enthusiast will be benefited from your post!