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5 Things You Wont Like In Apple iPhone [ iPhone Flaws ]

iPhone, the mobile phone designed and marketed by apple phone consists of all the latest technologies. It is one of the most popular phones in the country as it has all the latest of technologies.

– An  iPhone can function as a Video Camera.

– It can function as a Camera phone.

– It can send texts and receive Visual Voicemail

– It also has a portable media player & a Great Gaming device.

– It offers an Internet connection through which you can send emails and browse Web, access Social Media, etc.

– Internet connectivity in the phone is available through Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

– The cell has a virtual keyboard rather than a physical one. Also the phone is fully touch screen with high quality camera.

After the launch of the first iphone in June 2007 many phones were launched one after the other like iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iOS 4.3, Apple iOS. Though this phone is one among the best it does have its flaws and disadvantages. So far it has got a lot of positive reviews but among them there stand some negative remarks too.

Apple iphone 4

Below are some of the flaws being noticed in an iPhone that you wont like.

1. The sound quality is not that great as expected. The volume is very low. Being an iphone the audience naturally expects the voice quality of the phone to be the best one.

2. The phone is very sleek and slim and convenient to carry. The point here is it doesn’t have a memory card slot which is ridiculous.

3. The internet technology i.e. Wi-Fi and 3G facility is also not that great. Due to network jams the connections are very slow. Many people have experienced that the downloading speed is also very less. This hampers the business proceedings of business men owning an iphone.

4. If you miss handle the battery of the iphone then make sure you will have to wait for a minimum one moth to get you phone back in shape. And every year you need to send it to get a brand new battery. In today’s generation people cannot stay without phone for a few minutes. In that case, if just changing the battery takes so long people will think twice before buying iphone.

5. The iphone works with only one carrier or service provider which makes it difficult for users to switch to other carriers.

Check out this monster list of iPhoen Flaws published by , back in 2007 – The Apple iPhone’s 50 biggest flaws revealed & most of them are well disappeared till the launch of latest iPhone 4.

iPhone is undeniably a very cool phone but having a glance over the above mentioned flaws people might hesitate in buying it. These flaws may raise confusions in the minds of the people whether this iphone is really the smartest of all other phones.

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