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3D Mini Golf Master iOS Game Review – Most Addictive iPhone Game Ever!

While iOS is always being a leading platform for most of the well know app and game launches, The best experience of Mini Golf game is actually coming to iOS after its roaring success in Android market. Today, I am going to review this supremely hardcore mini golf game in-depth, called as – 3D Mini Golf Master!

3D Mini Golf Master iOS Game Review

3D Mini Golf iOS Game

As the name explains it all, this one is the mini golf game designed or Apple iPhone, iPad &iPod Touch that tries to give you the near best experience of mini golf. The game is designed in 3D and you are playing in the middle of the ocean, where you have to putt perfectly to get the higher score.

The game is high on its innovation, which is why most of the actual users are extremely recommending this game as the best, and few of them I wanted to mention are as follows. There is unique scoring system for 3D Mini Golf Master, where you have to earn 3 stars at every level to become a champion. Though, the scoring is non-standard & irrespective of original game of golf, it is way too much fun on the smart devices.

Talking about innovative side of game designing, this mini golf wonder is designed in 3D, that gives you feeling of golf ball moving in 3D space to reach the target hole. The game features beautiful green levels, which keeps on getting complex and your score always relies on your precision. The changing background from bright sunny day to turning evenings looks too beautiful on the retina display of iPhone & iPad.

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The game is one of its kind time killer, that can easily get you addicted. The new refreshing 3D interface, immediately attracts younger users, the game is pretty much perfect for all the age groups. The overall gameplay is quite impressive, as the ball responds to fingers really quickly and tried to achieve exactly where it is supposed to go, which is really amazing for any smartphone user.

Without a doubt, miniature golf master is one of the best golf games developed for iOS, that can add hours of fun to your day-to-day boring life. As the game comes free, it becomes a true must-haves that reduces the cycle time of searching and downloading overall files.

To sum up, this app is highly recommended for Golf fans and those who wants to know everything about this game in-depth.80+ levels of holes and new ones getting added frequently makes the 3D Mini Golf Master worth a try!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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