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6 Things That Makes Flappy Bird Hardest Game Ever! [VIDEO]

This game has proved how people love challenges even if it’s a causal game without anything extra to offer than just to fly a bird!

I am talking about Flappy Bird, an amazing game that is spreading like a wildfire all over the world just because it’s extremely hard to play.

With his interview with Verge, the developer announced that this game is making USD 50,000 per day simply from the ad revenue, and news got picked up by social media and took no time to go viral.

Flappy Bird has insane gravity to its bird, where single tap provides forward motion & action against gravity, but even if you get distracted for one second, you are dead as anything.

Flappy Bird: Things That Makes It The Hardest

I have recently posted the Flappy Bird video on YouTube, where I talk about 6 Things That Makes Flappy Bird The Hardest Game Ever on smartphone platforms like Android or iOS.

Do let me  know what you think about the points I made, and yeah you can surely laugh at how bad I am at this game, but try it and you can experience the same as well!

Download Flappy Bird here.