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6 Best Free Android Keyboards You Would Love To Play With

After buying my HTC android smartphone I started playing with the thousand of apps available in the market. The thing I noticed is HTC is having such an great keyboard that I never thought about changing it. But, Then I saw a discussion around forums about Keyboards & Thought I should give them a try. At the end I have rolled back to my original HTC keyboard but – I found some interesting keyboards for other android smartphone users – which are  kind of Fun, Creepy, Weired but Cool…

Here are 6 Best  Free Android Keyboards that You would enjoy typing on – They are not just good as a keyboard but are also fun to use.

8 Pen Android Keyboard

If you have the smartphone with smaller screen & you think that its hard to type on full QWERTY then this 8PEN would be the most innovative & comfortable keyboard to type on. Instead of conventional keys, the app features a small wheel which is used by dragging your finger around the different segments to select each letter.

Because its very conventional in design & something that our eyes and fingers are not used to – It takes very hard practice to type on quickly

Cost : Free | Download 8 Pen Android Keyboard here

8Pen Free Android Keyboard

HexBoard Keyboard For Android

This keyboard is also fun to use & have some unconventional key shapes. Its featuring hexagonal shaped keys as shown in image below. HexBoard do not have dictionary or predictive text input – might be a turn off for 70% of android users.

Accuracy lacks due to different shape of keys but you would love to use it for little time.

Cost : Free | Download HexBoard Keyboard for Android

Hexboard Free Android Keyboard Download

Wi Fi Keyboard For Android

This is not the keyboard you are suppose to install on your android keyboard. Its actually app that lets you connect the keyboard of your PC or laptop to you android smartphone by using the Wi Fi.

Cost: Free Download Wi Fi Keyboard App

Wifi Keyboard For Android Free App

Flit Keyboard For Android

This is another unconventional creepy looking keyboard you would like to use for short time. It is having the 8 big keys on screen & on every key it have 8 different characters you can use to type by sweeping in its direction. So, pretty different isn’t it ?

No auto correction is supported in this Flit Keybaord.

Cost: Lite Version is FREE | Download Flit Keyboard For Android

Flitkeyboard For Android Free Keyboard

Dasher Android Keyboard

When I mentioned I am showing you some of keyboard you would love to play it this is what the extreme of it. Dasher is an amazingly hard to use but an experimental keyboard which needs to be dragging of some letters for typing any word & it also suggest you in the middle row.  You can never understand any of it unless you try using it. Because I didn’t find it very interesting at all. Hope you find it weired as I did.

Cost : Free | Dasher Android Keypad Official Site

Dasher Android Free Keyboard

AnySoftKeyboard For Android

AnySoftKeyboard is like any other standard keyboard you may find on android but the fun part about it is it has great quick buttons for emoticons, numbers & symbols. So easy for guys who love to chat a lot on their Android smartphones.

Cost : Free | Download AnySoftKeyboard For Android

AnySoftKeyboad For Android App Free App



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