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First Ever Asus Zenfone 2 Over The Air (OTA) Update Rolls Out: Features & Details!

The very first Firmware Over The Air Update (FOTA) for the Asus Zenfone 2 has rolled out,  bringing more features to the mighty device. Zenfone 2 was recently launched in Delhi, with promising set of specifications and features that teases the other flagship devices.

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Asus Zenfone 2 OTA New Features

Following are the new feature releases for Asus Zenfone 2, for all device versions. You can check out more details of model-wise specifications that we have covered here.

  • Support SIM2 always set voice network type
  • Smart Cover New Features
  • Double tap to turn off the screen
  • displays the battery level on the Clock view’s color ring
  • Added Calendar app
  • Added Mystic Ball app (To enable, go to Settings > ASUS customized settings > ASUS Cover settings > Select apps on the cover screen.)
  • Allows to adjust the screen’s position
  • Swipe up to select and change Clock theme
  • Slide up the icon to launch Camera
  • The photos captured via Cover view are saved to ASUS Camera’s folder

Zenfone 2 familySystem Stability Improvement For Zenfone 2

Power Saver: Added wake up app list management in Ultra-saving mode

Themes App: Download new themes to customize your device

Google Drive Free 100 GB space (WW only)

Improve WIFI compatibility

Auto Start Manager:Promote Auto Start Manager entry in Quick Box, Settings and Home Screen

Sound Recorder: Controls recording and playback on notifications

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How to Update ASUS Zenfone 2 with New FOTA

1. You will be notified for the FOTA Update, which you can install right away. But if you miss it, head to Setting > About > System update > Check Update, and start your Zenfone 2 update download right away.

Asus-Zenfone-2-ota -12. Once you download the update, simply click on Install.

Asus-Zenfone-2-ota -2

3. Within a few minutes your Zenfone 2 will restart, and will be updated with all new features and improvements.

Asus-Zenfone-2-ota -3


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UPDATE 3: Zenfone 2 Smartphone is Now Available on Flipkart, Get Yours Now!