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Do You Need Antivirus on Android When Using a Dating Site?

Google assures its clients that Android is as secure as possible, so what are the odds your smartphone requires antivirus software? People have been taught for years that they just cannot do without computer antivirus software, but things are changing, and nowadays, so many computational tasks are held on your smartphone or tablet. Android viruses receive wide media coverage, making people believe that they must install some kind of program remedies to protect their gadgets. It’s obvious that, with the growth of the popularity of Android, the heightened interest of fraudsters arises too. However, the questions, like “Is it really necessary to use a resource-demanding antivirus application on your smartphone that will annoy you with endless notifications?” or “Should you necessarily use an antivirus application if you are involved in international dating?” are still open.

Be Careful with Bogus Applications

In 9 out of 10 cases, you don’t need to install antivirus, using smartphones or tablets with Android. It’s more likely that your phone will be stolen than that it’ll be “infected” with Android viruses. Of course, these viruses are real, but you can get them only if you decide to install some shady apps, having found them beyond the Google Play Store. However, since Android doesn’t let you install applications from other sources, there is no way you use a wrong app by accident.

In the case when a bogus application appears in the Google Play Store, it will be uninstalled from your gadget by Google as soon as possible. However, sometimes, these forged apps reappear with new names, and in this case, an Android antivirus application can come in handy.

Anyway, you should always bear in mind that it’s only you who can protect yourself from different types of fraud, so you should never let your guard down even if you have been using the greatest antivirus application. According to some researches, two in three antivirus apps cannot provide you with total security.

Besides, even the coolest antivirus application can give you a false positive result, informing you that the app is dangerous when it’s actually not. So, you should better recheck everything and take other precautions, which vary from thorough checks of demanded permissions before consenting to them, avoidance of cloned applications, and keeping Android continuously updated.

You Should Always Stay Alert

Anyway, you should always listen to your gut and use of common sense, dealing with the Internet. If you have received a strange email with a not less strange attachment from an unknown sender, then you should better delete it or mark as a scam. The same rule should be applied to all the dubious links, received in Gmail or via different messengers, like WhatsApp. Usually, all strange and dubious links are nothing but phishing scam that can “infect” your smartphone with a virus.

In the case when you understand that your Android gadget starts functioning weirdly and the root cause may be malicious malware software, then you are recommended to make a factory reset. This action will help cope with the issue. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t ignore backing up Android to be able to get away with it. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to make a factory reset, there are several useful hints on how to deal with the problem.

In the case when you face dubious pop-up ads or you are rerouted to another page which has nothing in common with the one determined in the settings, then you should use the Clear Cache button to empty the cache. Besides, you can use specific add-in that will help you block all the pop-up ads and stay calm.