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Digitize Your Love This Valentine’s Day With These 6 Apps!

So February is around and all your social media profiles are ready to get red, white and romantic with sappy exchanges or selfie marathons between couples. Well, there are million ways to be prepared for the love day and one of them is by getting the right apps on your phone.

This valentine’s day whether you’re a single looking for dates or a Casanova with too many to manage, there’s an app for you.

Check out this round up of apps to digitize your love this year.


Being single on Valentine’s Day can be exciting, or miserable, depending on how you see it. But if you fall in the latter league of singledom blues, you have Tinder for your rescue. By connecting to your Facebook account (it won’t show up on your News Feed or post statuses), you can set up a mini profile that includes your picture and a couple of your interests. Then, you match with singles around and let Tinder play your wingman this year. Maybe you will land yourself a date this Valentines day.


If you’ve been looking for an app exclusively for just you and your loved one, then Couple is your app. The app keeps all your special moments saved privately in one place and connects you to only the most important person in your life for the most private messaging experience. If you’re in a long distance relationship this year, Couple will help you express yourself with video, audio, photos, and stickers. Two of its best features, though, are: ThumbKiss, that lets you touch the same spot on your phones to make them both vibrate simultaneously and Thinking of You, that lets you tell your significant other how much you miss them and how often.


So you have gained the reputation of a notorious playboy and a smooth Casanova, well you got to live up to it. It might become one heck of a task to manage your love life..err lives. Evernote can be your saviour by helping you create to-dos, remember dates and anniversaries, share what you’re doing with the ladies by sharing notebooks and much more.  With Evernote you can schedule dates, get automatic notification of birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates with easy reminders. You can create separate notebooks for each of your date, and you’ll never forget which one of your girlfriends is allergic to mushroom and which one loves daisies.

Ferns and Petals

Nothing works better than a bouquet of flowers with some cake on Valentines Day. You can do all that with just a few taps using the Ferns and Petals app. A neat interface and some extraordinary results, this app is a must have for all of you who suffer from the long-distance syndrome. It is an extension of the F&P’s physical business that is more than a virtual florist.


Planning an extravagant Valentine’s day comes with its own set of challenges and one of them definitely is managing the budget. If you’ve been spending a bit too much lately, maybe you need your very own financial advisor to manage your budget and expenses. Wally lets you log the details of your expenses: amount, venue, time,category, notes, and photos of receipts. You can do so manually, or just allow Wally to do so automatically with its InstaScan feature and you can even attach photos and tag friends to capture the people and moments associated with your every expense.


As always, gifts on Valentine’s Day is kind of obvious and a good way to get some money-saving deals is through an e-commerce site app like Jabong. With a huge collection of gifts across categories, the app makes your shopping experience much easier and helps you save money with some great deals.It’s a good way to find killer deals for your significant other and it’s free.

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