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What are the best free apps currently available?

Everybody likes free apps, whether it is for gaming, for finance and business, to get onto your social media account or find out when your next train is due. Apps are simply fantastic and free apps are the best. However, it can be a struggle to work out which free apps are worth bothering with and which ones you won’t want to waste your time on. Surprisingly, none of the top 10 listed are for game apps but if you want to fid out more about gaming apps visit

In the current standings in the App store, the following are ranked as the current top free apps:

  1. WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is the powerful messaging app that people have been using on their smartphone for some time. The desktop format is ranked no.1 in current standings, but has only scored 3.5/5 stars from 19 ratings.

  1. 1Doc: Word Processor for writer

Allows you to view and edit word documents and supports the following formats: doc, docx, rtf,rtfd, txt and odt. Scores a very high rating of 4.5/5 from 192 ratings. Overall a very useful app if you don’t have the full MS package of equivalent for editing docs.

  1. One Drive

Free online cloud based storage, allowing you to access from all devices. Also, great for collaboration if you need to share and edit work within a group of people. Only scores 2.5/5 from 32 ratings though, probably because you have limited amount of storage and some reviewers have complained about it not working, in one case losing photos etc.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

The updated version of this has only just been released so there are no ratings to view for this as yet. Allows you remote access to your PC once configured.

  1. X Code

An app that allows developers to build apps. Provides ‘a unified workflow with user interface design, coding, testing and debugging’. Rated at 3.5/5 fro 15 ratings.

  1. The Unarchiver

Makes unarchiving those old files a lot easier. Can also open files in older formats, which can be a real life-saver. 4/5 from 24 ratings.

  1. Fotor Photo Editor

If you’re looking for a free photo editor, this is probably the best you will get. If you’re used to Photoshop or similar, then you won’t get anything like the features in Adobe but this is widely regarded as the best free photo editing app.

 App for Instagram – Instant for your desktop

 Instagram is becoming one of the most used social media apps and this desktop app is said to be the quickest way to access it.

  1. Dr Cleaner: Disk, memory, system optimizer

 Gets an outstanding 5/5 stars, so definitely worth a try if you are looking for something to clean up your Mac.

  1. Shazam 

Used across the world to cheat in the music rounds of quizzes (or to find out who a song is by so you can download it).



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