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How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos In 5 Minutes!

[paragraph]Gone are the times when YouTube was a growing community and looking for visitors from all over the world. It’s much more mature now and one of the highest number of searches happens on YouTube every day. But this grown up online video community is now growing locally and it is possible that you will see this Youtube Video Blocking message very often – ‘Youtube Video is not available in Your Country!’[/paragraph]

YouTube Video Banned? Really……?

It’s like a heavy punch in your face when you know, other people in the word can see it, you can see that video’s attention-grabbing thumbnail on your homepage, and now that you want to see it, you come to know this video is banned or blocked by YouTube in your country? – How uncool is that?

Well. Don’t panic yet, no matter how big YouTube has become, it’s still on the internet, and on internet nothing really is unrestricted!

And yeah, you guessed it right, following is how you can watch the blocked or banned or so-called ‘country or geo-restricted’ YouTube videos in just 5 minutes.

Why YouTube Videos Are Banned?

It isn’t essential to know why the videos are banned or blocked, but I think I will still share it because, there were many tricks I saw in past 3-4 years and they are now vanished and some new cool tricks are again here. So tricks are going to come or go but if you know the basic cause behind this banning or blocking of videos, you can always survive the Geo-restriction crisis by yourself.

Sometimes, videos are produced aiming at the certain geo-targeting like advertising or some education training or some fun stuff. In that case, user restricts the video to be watched for specific countries or states. Again, YouTube can also decide based on political issues or user interest to restrict the content if it’s too sensitive for people in other part of the world.

Basic you should remember here is – ‘GEO TARGETTING.’ If you can get through geological restriction, you can get through any blocked YouTube video. That’s it! Use VPN, use some app, use free proxies, you will get through it. Always!

And if you don’t want to waste your time in testing, and trying and want your videos to be unlocked and start watching YouTube right now, follow the steps below.

How to Watch Banned YouTube Videos (Geo-restricted)

Let’s get back to our quick 5 minutes tutorial and here we go…

Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

Youtube Unblocker Trick

There is this amazing developer who created add-ons for all popular browser except Internet Explorer, which you can download and start accessing all the blocked/banned or geo-restricted YouTube videos right away.

The app is called – YouTube Unblocker and you can download it here –

As you can see there are separate add-ons/plug-ins for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Opera web browser, which you can download and install within seconds and you are good to go.

TubeMate Android App

This trick is for YouTube videos downloading on all the Android devices. You need to install this app called – Tubemate. The app is not available on Android market itself for obvious reasons. But you can download the app here  –

Note that you can use this app on any android devices like smartphones and tablets, Kindle Fire has this app in Amazon marketplace and you can also download it for Java or Playbook as well from the same URL.

Just access any geo-restricted or blocked YouTube videos from this app and you can download it directly to your smartphone or tablet!

Using Proxy IP Address

Foxy-Proxy-Blocked-YouTube-VideosAgain, this trick is for techie internet surfers as finding a free proxies and installing needs some patience and trial and error. You can find proxy addresses for different countries here and many other similar sites.

 [alert type=”green”]Check Out:Proxy Servers list for 2015[/alert]

And to install these proxies find browser add-ons like – FoxyProxy!

Using VPN

This is not a service for everyone as you need to buy VPN services on monthly basis and costs around a $7 to 10/month for different service providers. But in case you are using it for professional purposes you can go try accessing banned Youtube videos through VPN easily.

So, above are all three tricks I know of right now.You can find 12 more tricks here about how to unblock youtube.

Do share with us what you do to access blocked or banned YouTube videos in your country? Also comment below if you face any issues or need any more guides like this from me in future.

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  1. I often use allavsoft to download other YouTube videos or download video from Facebook, SBS, Blip TV, etc.