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Solve Laptop Can’t Find Wi Fi Connection Problems (Windows 7/8 PC)

There are several common problems with Laptop Wi-Fi Cards, that might pop up out of nowhere, and one of them is If your Windows 7 not detecting WiFi at all.

This problem is continued in Windows 8 and Windows 10 laptops as well, and there is no particular reason to what user activities triggers this problem, but lets find out how to fix wifi connection on laptop windows 7.

Following tutorial is done on a Windows 8 PC, but the process is applicable to Windows 7 or 10 Laptops and PCs as well. On a side note if you’re looking to buy a new laptop go through our guides of best laptops under 25000 (2021).

How To Solve Laptop Not Detecting WiFi/ Windows 7 Not Detecting WiFi Connection Problem 

Step 1

If you are facing wifi network not showing up windows 7 problem, Wi-Fi signal icon in quick launch bar of your Windows Laptop should look like the following. If it’s showing some other icon, then problem might be different, so make sure it’s the same.

Wi Fi Issue -1Step 2

If you click on this icon, your list of wireless network will look empty, just like mine in the following image. Windows 7 Users will see a small pop-up but without any Wi-Fi connections in the list.

Windows 7 Not Detecting WiFi Issue Step 3

Now you have to open the device manager on the laptop.

For Windows 8 – Press  Windows + Q > Write Device Manager in Search Field (Select Settings) > You will Find the device manager on left hand window. > Open it.

For Windows 7  – Press Windows Button > Type Device Manager in search bar > It should come up in the list of programs. > Click to open it.

Wi Fi Issue 3

Step 4 – Once you open it,

Go to Network Adapters and Open its drop down menu.

Right Click the Network Adapter > Uninstall

Another window will pop-up, keep the Delete Drivers Unchecked.

laptop not detecting wifiStep 5 –  Once the un-installation of Wireless Network Card is finished, go to top left of the menu bar, press the search for changes/scan for changes button as in following screenshot.

windows laptop wifi issue - uninstall driversThis will automatically find your changes in hardware and set things to default. It will reconnect your already present your drivers.

Wi Fi Issue 6Now your laptop will find all the Wi-Fi networks available nearby! 
Wi Fi Issue 7

So no matter if you’re using Windows 10, 8, 8.1 or Windows 7 laptop or PC, you can solve this problems in just 5 minutes.

This problem is also frequent if you’re using low quality Wi-Fi Adapters like these as they tend to fail in less than 6 months of usage. If above solution doesn’t restart your Wi Fi, simply replace your adapter. Make sure to use higher quality Wi-Fi Adapters like TP-LINK ARCHER T2U AC600 or similar quality adapters.

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    1. restarted laptop to try and get lucky, now I see absolutely nothing has changed. I can find the other 20 wifi in the neighborhood but not mine still lol.

  1. After following your steps, I can search the wifi network, but still can’t connect to it. What should I do? Somebody Help!!!