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How To Boot Computer From Portable Device?

This is a guest post by Crystal J. Briscoe, If you wish to write a guest post for us check out our guidelines.

You can easily boot your computer from portable devices like USB, and many others. It takes very few minutes, less than 20 to 30 minutes and you are done. It is a very convenient and simple method. On this post we will explain about how to boot the computer from portable device.

Windows Boot Up From External Drive

How to Boot Computer from Portable Devices:

  • In order to start, first you have to change the BIOS boot order. This will show the USB device option first on your computer screen. In many cases it may be set up as default option, but it is better to make sure by choking it yourself.
  • If the above mentioned step is not performed properly, then your computer will start like always, which is without displaying the USB boot option.
  • Once you set up USB device as BIOS boot, your computer will check the device for the required boot information. It will happen whenever you operate your computer.
  • There is no problem even if you leave your computer configured like this, but make sure that your USB device is not attached to the computer. Remember to detach it whenever you switch off the computer.
  • It is advisable to connect the USB device to the computer by using USB cable. It is considered as the most preferred way to connect the devices. The device can even be your cell phone, iphone, ipad and many others.
  • Setting up your USB device as the first bootable device is the critical task, and should be done with proper concentration. Even small errors can cause major issues. Be extra careful and do not make use of any function shown by your computer, unless you really are aware of it.
  • The device should be easily bootable after proper use. There should not be any problem. Moreover, you should have all the information regarding your USB device before performing any function.
  • It is very commonly seen in many of the computers that a message regarding the final step of booting is displayed before any conclusion. You have to proceed according to the instructions mentioned. Your computer is ready to boot now.
  • It may happen that you don’t see any message. Don’t worry, in such cases the booting process will start automatically.

Resolving issues if any:

If your problems are not resolved still, then these steps might help you:

  • You should first thoroughly recheck the above procedures again. If your computer is still not ready to boot, then it might be due to wrong BIOS boot order. You could also try with different mother boards to solve this problem.

If you still face difficulties, it is better to call a technician or a well skilled computer operator. They should be able to help you, and they will also guide you to avoid any future difficulties. Now you can easily boot your computer with the help of above mentioned steps or by asking for guidance from your computer operator.

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