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Here’s How Web 3.0 Will Change the Future of the Internet

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for everyone. All the information is available with one click of a button. What’s more, people can now share their hobbies online or work remotely regardless of their location.

In a way, the internet has brought freedom to humanity, but there’s more to come. Like anything else in the technology industry, the internet is growing and developing. Soon enough, people will witness the birth of web 3.0. Here’s what to expect.

How the Internet Evolved

To understand how web 3.0 will work, people should first know more about web 1.0 and 2.0. Web 1.0 was the first stage of the World Wide Web evolution. It provided the basic user experience with most of the online pages and websites hosted on ISP-run servers.

Today, web 2.0 is widely used around the world. This type of web is also called the participative social web. People focus on delivering and consuming content via platforms, and social media play a key role in sharing the content.

Finally, there’s web 3.0. It refers to the evolution of web utilization and change in interaction. Web 3.0 promises to establish global information in a far better way than Google’s current engine schema. In addition, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will improve the user experience.

How Web 3.0 Will Change the Internet

There are many ways web 3.0 will change the internet and people’s experience. The change will include more personalized browsing, richer app experiences, increased creativity, new niches, and more.

Personalized Browsing

The current online experience is somewhat still based on boring, repetitive ads and few personalized recommendations. However, the way the data is collected will allow this to improve. Big data and AI will provide different experiences for each internet user, based on their previous searches and online interactions.

What’s more, websites will automatically customize themselves to fit each user and any device, which will boost the ecommerce industry.

Apps Will Offer Better Experiences

Since more people will use their smartphones to browse the web, mobile applications will also start offering more immersive experiences combined with virtual reality. Metaverse, a mixture of reality and 3D virtual environment, will become more common.

This evident overlap between the real-life world and the online realms will open new doors for several industries to grow. The way people learn things will likely change as these apps will become more immersive.

New Niches Will Appear

Web 2.0 helped all kinds of creators to express themselves. It also allowed people to sell their products online, be it paintings or digital services. With the growth of web 3.0, more people will get involved in producing content for the internet.

There will be an explosion of new platforms, niches, and content types mostly created in the digital environment. Additionally, the users will become the owners of the platforms they share with their audience.

Blockchain Technology Will Flourish

Web 3.0 will undoubtedly change the way people store massively produced data. One of the solutions known today is blockchain technology, where information is stored in blocks that are unchangeable and last forever.

What’s more, cryptocurrencies will expand as more generations will get onto web 3.0. The best example of how the beginnings of web 3.0 combined with blockchain are NFTs—non-fungible tokens. NFTs are mostly created on the ETH network and can represent anything digital, from drawings to music.


The current state of the internet is allowing its users to share their lives on social media and enjoy the online world in various ways. However, web 3.0, like the new kind of internet, will mix the existing technology with the real world.

Metaverse, AI, blockchain, and many other technological wonders will combine to create the ultimate online experience for all who get online. Some of these technologies are already here today, waiting for the right moment to shine.