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Complex Made Simple: Top 6 YouTube Channels for STEM Students

Pursuing a degree in STEM disciplines is rewarding and interesting. But there are times when students can’t grasp some of the concepts. Some turn to some platforms where you can order assignment online on AssignmentMaster to avoid trouble and meet deadlines. But there are many YouTube channels that can make you excel in STEM subjects.


This channel focuses on various aspects of the STEM field. It’s run by Olivia Gordon, Hank Green, and Michael Aranda. SciShow currently enjoys over 7.51 million subscribers and has over 3,300 videos. It covers chemistry, computer science, and engineering. The creators also talk about topics that the wider audience will find interesting. Their top STEM videos include:

  • The 5 Most Dangerous Chemicals on Earth
  • The Deadliest Toxins on Earth
  • The 5 Worst Computer Viruses in History
  • What Happens When Matter is Pushed to the Extreme

Each video contains many facts in an easy-to-understand manner. The best part is that the team produces content almost on a daily basis. There’s always something new students can learn, even from the current extensive catalog. Students may use these videos to understand various topics better.


TEDEd published its first video back in 2006. Over the years, it has become one of the biggest self-education platforms in the world. Collegegoers and everyone interested in learning enjoy a wide library of various videos. STEM students can browse videos on biology, medicine, physics, zoology, and anatomy.

TEDEd Youtube videos explain complex concepts in plain terms. They are narrated by some of the best experts in various STEM fields. Each video is tailored by spectacular animators. The channel currently has 18.6 million subscribers and over 2000 videos. This makes TEDEd one of the best science-related channels on the video platform.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy launched in 2008 and is now one of the biggest platforms for free education. Its YouTube channel has thousands of videos on art, literature, architecture, and sciences. The organization has dedicated playlists for math, science & engineering, computing, chemistry, and biology.

Each section is divided into sub-playlists about different areas of each discipline. This makes Khan Academy a great choice for students looking for deeper knowledge. They don’t follow the more popular format of other channels. But the lecture-type presentation is more informative and rich in content.


Unlike TEDEd, the VSauce channel focuses primarily on various STEM topics. It’s run by a team of science enthusiasts: Michael Stevens, Jake Rope, and Kevin Lieber. They extensively talk about astronomy, physics, mathematics, biology, and other fields. Their highest-ranking videos include

  1. The Power of Suggestion (89 million views)
  2. The Banach–Tarski Paradox (40 million views)
  3. What If Everyone JUMPED At Once? (37 million views)
  4. Is Earth Actually Flat? (36 million views)

Despite the focus on STEM subjects, the channel covers illusion, culture, and philosophy. The trio started VSauce around a decade ago and now has 18.8 million subscribers. This is amazing, considering that they’ve made only 444 videos.


Australian-Canadian science communication personality Derek Alexander Muller runs this STEM-related channel. It’s a perfect choice for students who want to deepen their understanding of various subjects in a fun way. Despite the fact that Veritasium has only 362 videos, it boasts 13,6 million subscribers.

Muller talks about asteroids, solid materials, math problems, and physics concepts. The content found on Veritasium strikes a good balance between education and entertainment. It gives a good alternative to watching Netflix or Hulu when students have free time.

Minute Physics

STEM students will find that many of their questions about physics are answered on this channel. Minute Physics uses a simplistic animation style to explain intricate concepts. Its playlists cover such subjects as time, entropy, astronomy, relativity, and quantum mechanics.

This is a goldmine for students who want to reinforce their knowledge or learn new things. The short format makes it an ideal choice for fast learning on the go. You can even watch videos on your way to or away from college. Minute Physics has only 270 videos with 5.65 million subscribers.


Despite the misconceptions about YouTube, the platform has many creators passionate about the STEM field. Their channels offer a good mix of knowledge, entertainment, and presentation. So, don’t hesitate to explore some of them!