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7 Industries VR is Set to Revolutionize

Virtual reality (VR) is often associated with the gaming industry. But with so many tech advances, other industries are starting to embracing VR capabilities. Whether you’re working with virtual reality or you’re just excited about what it has to offer, these 7 examples of how VR is being used are game-changers.

1. Advertising

Advertisers are exploring ways to incorporate VR into their ads. Outdoor apparel makers created a virtual reality experience. The let customers visualize hiking up a steep mountainside while wearing their hiking shoes.

2. Automotive

Businesses in the auto industry are using VR headsets to get a sense of how customers might enjoy their new vehicles. They can view the interior of the vehicle or check out the exterior. Their app also has features like virtual prop tools.

Designers can use virtual flashlights to explore how a driver might navigate their way in the front or back seat if they’ve dropped their keys. This allows designers to start the product development process without the physical prototype.

A different car company is using virtual reality to design car interiors. Designers can change the inlays, leather on the dashboard and even the electronic system layout.

3. Casinos

Casinos are another area where VR headsets are being used. Immersive experiences let gamblers walk the casino floor or place bets during a horse race. With some real-time communication VR experiences, gamblers can talk to live dealers about the rules for Omaha Hi-Lo or Texas Hold Em’. Or, they can speak to other gamblers about the best penny slots to play.

4. Education

Schools are starting to see the potential for VR headsets. They’re working on apps that will let students go on virtual field trips. Virtual reality can also be used with special needs children and help with training for teachers.

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5. Entertainment

Movie theaters are embracing virtual reality. Some movie theaters are starting to create VR experiences with headsets. One such experience was used for a space movie. It lets users explore the cockpit of a spaceship that was used in the movie.

Other companies are creating apps that let users watch movies at home with their headset. They can visualize a real movie theater experience with or without the popcorn. For music fans, a VR concert experience app can put them up close and personal with their favorite singers.

6. Healthcare

Virtual reality is being used in various capacities in the healthcare industry. Behavioral therapists can use VR headsets to treat their patients. They can help reduce social anxieties or treat specific phobias like a fear of flying or a fear of heights.

Other uses include patients suffering from phantom limb pain. The headsets can show a patient’s virtual limb and the amputee can visualize the movements with the virtual limb to help them relax.

7. Tourism

To help promote tourism, potential travelers were invited to try different VR experiences. One for a scenic boat ride, another for a beach in Hawaii or one for a hike on a trail with mountain views. The marketing company said the VR experiences were a way to pique interest in tourist travel options.

Well, Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

Now that you’ve gotten caught up on the newest industries VR is revolutionizing, it’s time to go out and get your own VR headset. What will you watch first?

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