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Fix ‘Crop Tool In Photoshop Is Not Working’ Issue In Just A Minute!

Updated as of 03/09/2021

Most of of the tech users are used to Adobe Photoshop, no matter for quick image effects or for some high-end photo editing work. But in your overall Photoshop workflow, you will always face many minute issues, that you can not easily find solution to. One of such Photoshop problem is ‘Crop Tool Not Working’.

This is not really any bug, and most of such issues are caused when we try to customize any tool, and next time you use it, something looks wrong.

Same with this issue as well, but before I show you what exactly the problem is, let me tell you this fix will work on any Photoshop versions like Photoshop 3, 4, 5 or even 6. (Even though I am using Photoshop CS3 in following screenshots.)

For newer versions like Photoshop CC or their latest Photoshop 2020 or 2021, follow the next solution at the end of this article for solving the crop issue.

How to Fix Crop Tool In Photoshop is Not Working Error 

Before you follow this tutorial make sure you have to the same problem as mine. Just like in following example, I am trying to crop this image…

Photoshop Cropping Issue ConstrainedI want to crop this much area…

Photoshop Crop Not Working - Square BoxAnd I am getting nothing, when I press enter. Just a constrained square box, and nothing else. It also never zoom in or anything. So this is what this error in crop tool look like –

Photoshop Crop Error - Not WorkingNow, we will fix cropping issue in Photoshop in just one step. When you have the crop tool selected, look for the options of crop tools in top left.

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As you can see its locked at 1 pixel square box, and so you have to get rid of this dimension.

Just hit the clear option of the crop tool, and you are good to go!

Fix Photoshop Crop Tool Not Working Problem

And Voila!!! I am trying to crop next time….. It works.

Fix Photoshop Cropping Issue

Solve Photoshop Crop Not Working in Photoshop 2020/21 and CC

If you’re using newer versions of Photoshop, most of the time resetting preference s might solve your issue immediately.


In your latest Photoshop version, head on to Photoshop > Preferences > Performance.

Step 2:

Click on Graphics Processor Settings

Step 3:

Turn OFF Use of Graphics Processor

Once you’re done m make sure to restart the Photoshop.

This will fix your Crop tool issues instantly.

Do let us know if you still face the problem with your photoshop version and a screenshot in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks Buddy! That was so easy – now I can spend the rest of the day cropping!