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Watch Loads Of HD Content On iPad & Android Devices With GoFlex Wi Fi

Just heard the great news for iPad, iPod Touch  & Android device owners who loves playing HD movies & videos on their device – Seagate has announced to world’s first of its kind Wi-Fi hard drive that is rechargeable. Amazing, isn’t it ? Let me give you a quick review on how you can manage to store this much high quality content and stream wirelessly for your iPad, iPod, iPhones & Android Devices.

GOFlex Portable HDD (Wi Fi)


Seagate with its Portable HDD  brand name of  The GoFlex has announced  this storage device of capacity 500 GB, which can store more than 100 HD movies & Pretty much more non HD content. The device streams these HD media files with its in Built Wi Fi capability This Go Flex device not just let you use itself for streaming media but it can be used as the portable storage solution too. Seagate aims it to use with standard Go Flex apps for iPad & Ipods – So you can store the media downloaded from it directly to the Go Flex HDD & use it to watch by Wi Fi Streaming.

Performance of Seagate GoFlex HDD

On a single charge this great hard drive allows you to stream movies for 5 hours continuously & can remain up for 25 hours on Standby mode. That is why this is great to carry around when you are on a road trip or general travel you this HDD to watch movies on the go. You can buy a car charger to make your trip more enjoyable on the go. Go Flex HDD uses USB 3.0 technology which is fastest to transfer data form your PC, Laptop or Mac & using it as dedicated HDD as well.

Seagte Go Flex HDD Wi Fi For iPad & Android Devices

Our Verdict

The GoFlex HDD is a great add on gadget who loves to watch lot of HD content like Movies, Videos  & Music & owns high end devices like Android, iPhone & iPad. We do not recommend to just a smartphone or Media player like iPod owners,  But if you have iPad or iPad 2 then this will be used for almost all of your devices to enjoy wireless media on the move. Its costing little bit more than a normal portable HDD with 500 GB capacity, But if we enlist the kind of feature it have to offer – Price wont be a big deal. “Must Have For iPad or Android Tablet Owners”

Price of GoFlex 500 Gb  Wi Fi HDD

Seagate GoFlex HDD Wi Fi is priced at  $199.99