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Microland Enters Fifth Wave of Business Transformation, Repositions Itself as a Digital Accelerator


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Microland, today announced its repositioned identity as a Digital Accelerator. Its new focus is to catalyze the digital transformation journeys of global enterprises. With Digital Acceleration being the clear path for enterprises looking to transform their IT services, Microland will focus on the application of differentiated digital technologies and drive tangible business outcomes for clients.
This is the fifth wave of transformation at Microland. The company has always had a clear vision of the future and has consistently adapted its business focus to stay relevant and ahead of the curve for its clients. In its 29th year, Microland has digitally transformed with the changing times to enhance relevance to clients and businesses. This repositioning, signals the organization’s shift in priorities from traditional and hybrid IT services to digital transformation services.
As a Digital Accelerator, Microland ushers a new wave of delivering value by leveraging Digital Business Platforms for clients, enabling them to adopt newer technologies, enhance productivity and provide deeper insights to gain business competitive advantage. These platforms further help IT meet Operations Technology (OT) to create new insights that help clients navigate their digital journey seamlessly.
“Microland has always envisioned the future over the years, be it being the pioneer of networking in India, leading the internet wave in Internet-1.0, being a pioneer of Remote Infrastructure Management or that of Hybrid IT Infrastructure services. In its new avatar, Microland aims to accelerate our client’s digital transformation journey to deliver superior business outcomes with agility leading to enhanced user experiences. We will help the clients, who may be at different levels of digital maturity, in accelerating the adoption of platforms and technologies to enhance the effectiveness of existing systems and revamp their operating models,” said Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Microland, Pradeep Kar.
“Clients today are faced with the reality that they must transform their current business into a digital business to remain relevant. This can be a daunting task as creating a digital strategy requires keeping abreast of ever-quickening pace of modern technologies, determining how to evolve and managing the transformation effectively. There is a need for a partner who can understand these complexities and not only guide but accelerate an enterprise’s journey,” said Bob Wysocki, Chief Technology Officer of Microland.

“Microland’s repositioning has its roots in the fact that client ecosystems are made up of intricate components that are highly interconnected. There is a need for a digital partner who can understand the complexities of this interconnected system. This is where Microland’s digital offerings can help simplify processes and provide insights that can lead to predictable outcomes,” said Purnima Menon, Chief Marketing Officer of Microland.
With a clear focus on integrated solutions and partnership with global technology leaders, Microland will guide enterprises in identification of clear-cut business outcomes and help them choose a right mix of NextGen digital technologies. Microland announced its entry into the Industrial IoT space with a global partnership with GE on the Predix platform. Earlier this year, Microland had launched its ‘smartBranch’ offering that helped enterprises take the advantage of software defined networks. The company also recently opened its digital hubs in Birmingham and Pune to deliver proximity world class Digital Accelerator services to its global clients.

About Microland

Microland accelerates the digital transformation journey for global enterprises enabling them to deliver high-value business outcomes to their clients. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Microland has more than 3,800 professionals across its offices in Australia, Europe, India, Middle East and North America. Microland enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative by integration of emerging technologies and the application of automation, analytics and predictive intelligence to their business processes.
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