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Zluri Launches SaaS Buying to Help Organizations Buy and Renew SaaS Subscriptions

Today, the application of SaaS apps is not limited to collaboration and storage; there are apps for niche tasks. If an employee wants to automate any task, they can find plenty of apps in the market. They can sign up for SaaS solutions with their corporate card and start using them.

But the other side of this behavior has led to SaaS sprawl, shadow IT, overspending, and security and compliance issues. This brings the need for SaaS governance, and to overcome these issues, companies need to have a SaaS buying process in place.

Enter Zluri!

Zluri’s SaaS buying helps companies to procure SaaS apps without undergoing complex negotiations. The service includes buying and renewing SaaS applications with saving up to 50% on SaaS. Moreover, customers don’t need to pay any upfront cost.

After discussing with many IT departments, the founders — Sethu, Ritish, and Chaithanya — found that for companies, the procurement process is a big pain. Negotiating prices is complicated, takes months, and gives a headache to the IT, procurement, and finance department.

Zluri has built a SaaS management platform that captures all the apps used in the company. Then, it analyzes the company’s SaaS stack, and based on the data and intelligence from the usage and utilization, they are able to negotiate lower prices. For companies, it also saves their precious time spent in buying new SaaS applications.

Zluri’s platform functions on simplicity, automation, and efficiency, making the whole SaaS procurement process a breeze.

Less than a year since its launch, Zluri has already touched some of the biggest milestones. Recently, Zluri was mentioned for the fourth time in Gartner’s Hype Cycle report. The company has over 100 customers, including Simplilearn, Pulse, Koinworks, Locus, and MoEngage, etc, and has analyzed over 200 million usage transactions so far.

“SaaS management has always been the need of the hour for businesses. At Zluri, are constantly thinking about ways to maximize our offering and help our customers untangle their SaaS chaos. Our SaaS buying will be a respite for the IT, procurement, and finance departments that have to go through the complex, tiring, and time-consuming negotiation process. Now they can sit back and save hugely on their budget,” says Ritish Reddy, Co-founder, Zluri.