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ZEPP is the Next Innovation for Consumer Outreach

Zeitgeist Retail Pvt. Ltd. (ZRPL), a Bengaluru-based e-tailer and service provider to the e-commerce industry, has announced the launch of ZEPP, a technology platform that enables Consumer Brands to access millions of Indian Consumers directly. The platform hosts several Student Purchase Programs through which students and staff of India’s premier educational institutions like IIT, IIM, and NIT, can access products from top brands.
The ZEPP platform enables companies to customize their product catalogue and the offers that go alongside it, perfectly suited to the needs of each individual college or university. Leading brands have already signed on with ZEPP and are offering products like Laptops, Printers, Audio Products, Gift Cards, and many such other products that would appeal to the target audience. The platform has seen good early customer traffic, with tens of thousands of students registering within days of launch.
Unlike other ‘open’ e-commerce sites, ZEPP offers a closed ecosystem wherein users must provide their institution-provided email id to access the catalogue and its offers. This allows for brands to provide never-before-seen prices for their products, based on their audience of choice. The system thus ensures that consumers get the best value for the products that they purchase.
Hiral Somaiya, Country Head said, “Lenovo is committed to bringing education access to all with the help of smarter technology and we are excited to be able to offer our portfolio to the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. We offer a wide portfolio which boasts of the best in class features and specs enabling students to bring their best to the table. We have made available an extensive range of our Thin-and-light, Gaming, and 2-in-1 Convertible laptops for Students through the ZEPP program.”
When asked about the experience of hosting products on ZEPP, Apoorv Mangalam, Founder of RoadGods said, “The team has been flexible and responsive to our needs. Integrating our offers onto the platform has been a cinch. We have seen new customer acquisition through ZEPP across the segments they cater to.”
The platform has been rolled out across more than a hundred institutes of higher education and is seeing happy customers among students and faculty. Arjun A, Research Scholar at IIT Madras agrees, “I have made several purchases from the IIT SPP website because of the great prices.”
Students may check out the discounts curated for their institution at the following sites IIT Student Purchase Program, NIT Student Purchase Program, IIM Student Purchase Program, and SRM Student Purchase Program. Students of other eligible institutions can access ZEPP SPP website as well.