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Zebi Launches Zebi Secure Cloud, the World’s Most Advanced Forensically Monitored and Secured Cloud Infrastructure

Zebi, a full-stack core-blockchain company founded by Silicon Valley veterans, has today announced the launch of Zebi Secure Cloud. Zebi uses its blockchain related patents into this data logging and integrity management system for cloud forensics, thus enabling a forensically monitored approach to secure cloud data and infrastructure.
Data breaches are rapidly growing every day, even though organizations are making enormous efforts and considerable investments in securing their data. Cloud security is absolutely critical in today’s world to make sure your organization doesn’t become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data theft. Although many solutions have been proposed for cyber security incidents, but it is still difficult to collect evidence in most cases. Logs are routinely deleted as part of malicious attacks, by both internal and external users, as the security threats are increasing and attack methods are becoming more diverse. Statistically, less than 40% of breaches are ever detected, of which more than 70% can’t be conclusively analyzed due to deleted or tampered evidence, in the form of logs, files, etc.
Zebi Secure Cloud, maintains data in a digitally indestructible container on every system, much like a flight recorder on aircrafts. In the case of an event, this can be retrieved at any time to provide an analysis of what actually happened. The product uses a blockchain based data logging and integrity management system empowering organisations to (1) Forensically logging events (2) Advanced monitoring and analytics (3) Integrated Data encryption as a service (4) Backup & Recovery.
 Zebi Secure Cloud not only monitor events leading up to the incident, but also permit the analysis of logs during and after a security event. It uses machine learning for log analysis, and flag suspicious activities in real time crucial for fast, effective monitoring, streamlining root cause analysis and reduce false positives for IT operational intelligence.
“Zebi Secure cloud is an enterprise product built over the past few months with our research in the blockchain space. We have just completed beta testing with some marquee customers and the product is going into production now. Blockchain as space is nascent, but evolving quickly and while there has been regulatory uncertainty in government opportunities, we are seeing certain use cases ramp up. We are very excited and are positive about this billion dollar opportunity,” said the newly appointed Zebi CEO, Pruthvi Rao.
Sudheer Kuppam, newly appointed Chairman, Zebi said, “We are excited to announce the launch of Zebi Secure Cloud. It is the result of our R&D alongside our valued partners and customers. With Zebi Secure Cloud, enterprises can enhance their business by enabling a forensically monitored approach to secure cloud data and infrastructure., transparently and securely than ever before.”
Zebi Secure Cloud enables real-time alerts using Cognitive Insights and Predictive Alerts, a unique alert system when aided with scheduled and real-time reporting, learns and upgrades based on intelligence from various security events.
Paving a strong growth plan for Zebi, the board has taken a strategic decision of elevating Prutvi Rao to the position of CEO from COO.