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Wyss Center Partners With Artiria Medical to Accelerate a Novel Therapy for Cerebral Vasospasm

The Wyss Center and Artiria Medical today announced a new partnership to accelerate the translation of a novel technology that has the potential to reduce deaths and improve quality of life for stroke patients. Artiria Medical, an early-stage medical device company focused on disruptive neurovascular products, has been developing the technology and is now joining forces with the Wyss Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art therapies to the patient. The team has received support from the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse, to test and validate the efficacy of the therapy preclinically, in preparation for human clinical studies.


Stroke is the third leading cause of disability worldwide with more than 80 million people living with long-term impairments as a result. Some strokes result in bleeding in the brain. Such hemorrhagic strokes can lead to severe cerebral vasospasm – an uncontrolled contraction of brain arteries – in the days that follow, depriving entire brain regions of blood with devastating consequences. Current treatments for cerebral vasospasm include drugs or angioplasty to stretch the arteries with a balloon, but both have complications, including the risk of additional bleeding.


The new technology developed by Artiria Medical aims to prevent arterial constriction following hemorrhagic stroke. Through a minimally invasive electroactive endovascular probe, it interacts with specific nerves from within the lower brain arteries to release arterial constriction across the entire brain.


Guillaume Petit-Pierre, CEO at Artiria Medical said: “There is currently no truly effective solution that can treat cerebral vasospasm following hemorrhagic stroke, yet we know this is a leading cause of disability and death. We believe our technology has the potential to bring a new standard of care to patients and dramatically improve quality of life after stroke. Now, with the Wyss Center as our partner, we aim to have the technology ready for human trials as fast as possible.”


The Wyss Center – Artiria Medical collaboration is building on an existing endovascular platform established by the startup. This next generation technology is centered around a biocompatible expandable system to help safely deliver electrical energy into the targeted arteries. Flexible thin-film electrodes are one of the core enabling technologies of the system and the combined teams’ expertise in electrode development will contribute to the ability of the device to precisely control the treatment.


“The Wyss Center is excited to partner with Artiria Medical and help advance this innovative stroke treatment technology. Collaborating with driven entrepreneurs like the Artiria team is key to our mission to translate neuroscience innovations into clinical solutions.” said Wyss Center CEO Mary Tolikas, PhD, MBA.


The Wyss Center partners with entrepreneurs to help accelerate their journey from bench to market by contributing resources, expertise and opportunities that influence the entrepreneurial process.


Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. Its mission is to promote science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland. The core of Innosuisse funding is the support of innovation projects: innovative organisations such as companies and start-ups that develop new services and products together with universities and research institutions.


About the Wyss Center


The Wyss Center is an independent, non-profit research and development organization that advances our understanding of the brain to realize therapies and improve lives.


About Artiria Medical SA


Artiria Medical is a Swiss medical device company focused on the development of disruptive neurovascular products.