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Wibmo Inc. Launches Trident™ RBA – Intelligent Authentication for Digital Payment Security

Business Wire India

Wibmo Inc., rapidly growing into Asia’s leading provider of digital payments authentication and security, today announced the launch of Trident™ Risk-Based Authentication system, in line with market needs for frictionless payments. Based on intelligent analytics, Trident™ RBA uses insights into consumer behavior and past payment characteristics to deliver both secure and seamless payment experience to consumers.


Protecting consumers and merchants with behind-the-scenes technology


Built using the recently launched company’s fraud management system Trident™, which employs a combination of dynamic rules-based approaches and machine learning, Trident™ RBA scores every payment transaction to determine risk without inconveniencing the consumer. Only when a transaction is deemed risky, a challenge response system takes over to step-up the authentication using a variety of technology, process, or other verifiable credentials. Step-up options such as online OTP, offline OTP, biometric, life questions, call back, or mobile discovery allow for banks and service providers to address a variety of consumer preferences while minimizing risk.


“With Trident™ RBA, and the recently launched Trident™ Enterprise-level Fraud and Risk Management System, we are bringing to market the next generation of fraud fighting tools,” said company CEO Govind Setlur. “Trident™ RBA, built to EMVCo specifications, is 3-D Secure 2.0 ready,” he added.


Continued Innovation and Leadership in Authentication


According to the company an established leader in payment security, Trident™ RBA combines its real-time risk analysis taking into account point-in-time fraud trends and patterns, historical data and consumer behavior with a range of step-up authentication options. This combats the friction in the traditional OTP method, and increases success rates by reducing end-to-end transaction time. Trident™ RBA is being showcased at the Mastercard’s Global Risk Leadership Conference – Asia Pacific in Bali, Indonesia from July 30 – Aug 2, 2018.


About Wibmo Inc.


Wibmo Inc. a Cupertino, California company is a leading provider of payment security and mobile payments in emerging markets with a strong market presence in India, one of the world’s leading digital payment markets. Learn more at