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TORG Integrates with Cryptocurrency Payment Processor, CoinPayments

The philosophy behind TORG, the world’s first utilimeme, is simple: what good is a currency without the people who will use it? Since its inception, TORG has been committed to enabling utility-focused use cases that serve common financial needs of people and businesses across the world.


The integration with CoinPayments is a further attestation to its utility-focused commitment. As a result, TORG holders are now able to pay for goods and services using the cryptocurrency. According to the company statement, “The integration with CoinPayments has enabled our global users to pay with TORG for goods and services from a wide range of merchants across the world.”


CoinPayments is active in over 200 countries, and serves over 70,000 merchants, globally. These merchants include not just shops and markets for goods and services, but also B2B businesses, tourism facilities, internet services, and several other businesses, including healthcare, car dealerships, restaurants and cafes, gaming, and crypto services. Through its partnership with CoinPayments, TORG will be able to serve a growing range of utility driven use cases for people from all socio-economic backgrounds, across the world.


A key aspect of TORG’s mission to put financial technology in the service of mankind is serving people from all socio-economic backgrounds, across the world. As per the Company, “TORG is our opportunity to change the world for the better by improving the financial choices and opportunities for people across the world, whatever their situation or needs. We believe that rich and poor stand to benefit, alike, from a cryptocurrency that can be used for all types of economic transactions, securely, transparently and quickly.”


Realizing this vision of global utility for mankind requires mass adoption of the utilimeme. TORG Foundation aims to list the cryptocurrency on some of the most recognised and widely used exchanges in the world. Since its listing on UNISWAP on July 20, 2021, TORG has already been added to 12 centralized exchanges (CEXs), and the list is growing.


For the TORG Foundation, however, this is just the beginning and not the end goal. At the press the company mentioned, “Even though we are very satisfied with the launch of TORG and its integration with CoinPayments, we realize that it hardly signifies even 1% of our vision. There is still a long journey ahead of us.”


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