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The Profession of Data Analyst Is the Fastest Growing Profession by the Popularity Among Other Data Professions in India

Coding Invaders by MentorsPro, an IT online Academy in collaboration with Semrush, a data provider and a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, presented the study on the most popular Google search results in IT professions related to data, the professions growth in popularity and their sentiment analysis.  
The study stated that Data Scientists were searched for an average of 151,000 per month from January to June 2021. The other data professions in the top-10 of this list are Data Analyst (searched for on an average of 107,667 times during the same period), Data Engineer (11,450), Database administrator (5,400), and Big Data Engineer (3,267).
Netali Agrawal, Technology Lead and Data Scientist at Infosys: “Working with Data for the last 7 years and serving 3 enterprise and SMB, we’ve seen a tremendous growth in demand for a data-driven approach in the business strategies.” 
The study presented 5,554 tweets In English which were analyzed over one week at the end of July 2021 and more than half of them have a positive sentiment, 30.2% – neutral, and only 14.4% – negative.
Roman Kumar Vyas, VP of Marketing and co-founder at Coding Invaders by MentorsPro: “We strongly believe in building a next-generation approach academy. Our students dedicate 60% of their time to learning how to solve the real-life task simulators provided to us by the biggest IT brands. Our latest success is the story of Aditya from Mumbai who received an offer from Vodafone.”
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The most frequent questions searched for in India are: “How to become a Data Scientist (in India)?” with an average of 11,783 monthly searches followed by “How to become a data analyst?” (2433) and “What does a data scientist do?” (2267).
The study concluded that the interest in the data profession has seen yearly growth in India and such professions are changing the business approach and strategies for enterprise, SMBs, and startups.