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The New Announces India’s Biggest Airdrop


  • Europe’s Prominent Crypto Exchange in India, Coinsbit India has announced the launch of a large-scale Coinsbit India Token (CIN) airdrop started on April 9th.
  • CIN, created specifically for the launch of the exchange will give access to unique features on exchange along with additional bonuses and privileges.
  • The initial value of the CIN token will be $0.10, with a total supply of 100bn tokens.

To launch Europe’s largest and award winning cryptocurrency trading platform in India, Coinsbit India, has announced India’s biggest ever airdrop. The company will be giving away free CIN tokens worth $200 (2000 CIN Token) for every signup and KYC to engage both existing and new users, who want to explore Coinsbit India’s core base of efficiency, scalability, trust, transparency, and safety. 

While announcing the airdrop, the CMO of Coinsbit India, Akshit Khanna, talked about revolutionizing the Indian cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He said, “India is one of the biggest landmarks for digital transformation. Over the past few years, India has shown the fastest growth. Also, the growth of bank account openings in India over the past few years has been the highest. However, the problem in all these mechanisms is that there is no real incentive or reward as there is no chance of growth in the underlying asset.”

Coinsbit India Token (CIN) : $0.10
Total Supply: 100Bn (CIN) tokens
History’s biggest CIN airdrop will be online from 09/04/2021 to 09/07/2021. 

The largest airdrop campaign in history will see billions worth of CIN tokens assigned to the customers of the Coinsbit India wallet with the aim to promote the platform and utility of these tokens.

How to get FREE CIN tokens

All the users who sign up on website will receive $200 worth of CIN tokens in their wallet, upon completing their KYC. Detailed instructions and steps are available on the website. 

The Coinsbit India platform will also be running India’s Biggest Referral Program to give more opportunities to earn tokens based on referral bonus, when they invite their friends according to the following 5-level reward system with No Caps:

1 level – $100 in CIN tokens
2 level – $50 in CIN tokens
3 level – $25 in CIN tokens
4 level – $10 in CIN tokens
5 level – $5 in CIN tokens. 

Other rewards

CIN Token will never see a public sale and will only be issued through sign-ups, referrals, trading competitions, social media challenges and staking. Massive rewards will be given to the most active users with the biggest referral base. There will be five prizes, again, as follows:

1st place – $5000 
2nd place – $3000
3rd place – $1000
4th place – $500
5th place – $300

There are staking rewards for users based on СIN holdings and trading volume and they will get a 25% discount on trading fees by paying in CIN. An additional cashback in CIN tokes based on VIP levels on trading fee will be calculated and credited to their wallet in CIN tokens.