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Studeo Gives Students From All Backgrounds Access to Elite Tutoring

Studeo App is now available. Studeo is an all-inclusive video learning app that has two goals: improve students’ grades and pave their way to top universities. The mobile app provides affordable, high-quality tuition, simplified learning techniques inside a friendly and engaging video learning platform.


Studeo tutors have graduated from Oxford or Cambridge and propelled many of their previous students into top universities. Elite tutoring is expensive (£150+ per hour), a barrier for many families seeking help with their child’s education. Tutors can offer their app-based content at a fraction of the cost of a private lesson, essentially digitalising the private tutoring experience. Studeo ambitions to develop content to cover A-levels and GCSE science topics: Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, while starting with Maths 2nd year A-level.


Students can access bite-sized videos, MCQs, flashcards, live forums for Q&A, through their smartphones. They can refer to lessons anytime and anywhere. No need to spend countless hours searching for a private tutor, Studeo has selected them thoroughly and made them accessible to everyone. Students have unlimited access to content and can ask questions in a live forum section. The app provides students with practical revision tools to optimise learning, including correction videos and flashcards accessible on the bus to school or during breaks.


Nicolas Levandowsky, CEO:


“We created Studeo after realising that the best educational resources were inaccessible to the majority of families, due to lack of information or financial means. During the Covid period, inequalities in education have continued to grow, further widening the gap between students from different social classes. Our conviction is that students from all backgrounds, with ambition and the right tools, should have a chance to enter top universities. Studeo allows students from all over the country to access top-quality tutoring which is generally reserved to a few lucky ones.”


Studeo subscription enables students to access 300 videos, 300 MCQ’s, 100 Flashcards and a live forum, with a constantly evolving library. The app is available on Apple Download Now and Google stores Download Now with an initial free trial period.


Please visit About us for more information.