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Silvan Launches IoT Business Manager for Enterprises

Business Wire India
Building Management in large enterprises like offices, factories etc is a big task and has huge bearing on employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and energy consumption. More than 80% of the office spaces in India do not go for traditional BMS solutions due to excessive cost and tedious maintenance involved in them, and most of those that go for it, use it primarily for managing the HVAC system. Facility Managers everywhere are looking for retrofit, cost-effective, easy to use and easy to maintain solutions in order to address the needs for day to day maintenance of large and often distributed workspaces.

To address these pain points, Silvan Innovation Labs (Silvan) has launched its state-of-the-art IoT based Building Manager Platform — It allows enterprises to monitor, control and optimize various parameters in their offices in the most effective manner.

The system is all wireless and retro-fit, thus ensuring that even operational enterprises and offices can deploy them.

“We had interviewed close to 100 Facility Managers to understand their pain points. Not surprisingly, after getting the deep and ground level understanding the core issues involved we have designed our IoT Building Manager to solve exactly those pain points nothing less, nothing more. Our approach is validated by huge amount of interest it has garnered in market,” said Avinash K Gautam, CEO of Silvan.

The IoT – Building Manager from Silvan allows centralised monitoring of various critical parameters of office like Energy, Temperature, Humidity, CO2 levels, real-time occupancy of various spaces, etc, and also allows control of lights, AC, blinds, IT equipment etc. The easy to use interfaces and rules ensure that property is used and managed in a seamless manner without much human intervention, with Facility Manager having full control of everything for handling exceptions, if any.

One aspect of the IoT-Building Manager is Conference Room Automation solution, which is designed with the objective of hassle-free usage of conference rooms, it also avoids unnecessary energy wastage in-case it is not used, and enables effective management of its bookings etc. Using true IoT and App-less strategy, its usage is kept simple enough so that visitors to the conference room don’t have to fumble with complexities of using an unknown app for that room usage.

Another aspect of IoT-Building Manager is Office Lighting Management, which enables easy, effective and energy efficient usage of office lighting, and offers Cost Effectiveness, Scalability, Reliability while avoiding single point of failure.

The AC Management part is made versatile enough to manage various types of ACs using Wireless Thermostats and IR Blasters, and by offering integration over Bacnet to various types of Chiller based ACs common in large offices and Duct type ACs which are common in several retail outlets.

The IoT enabled Open Architecture ensures that customers’ problems are addressed in a more cost-effective and hassle-free manner. This modern Approach offers several benefits of conventional system. First of all, it can be installed in a retrofit manner, so is ideal for operational offices and brownfield projects. Secondly, it’s distributed architecture ensures very high degree of scalability, no single point of failure, very high reliability, this makes the system more forgiving to infrastructure issues like network outage etc and is extremely easy to manage and maintain.

All of Silvan’s products are designed and made in India, with a deep understanding of requirements of the market here.

“There are already very established BMS solutions in the market. However, as per our market survey, we found that only 20% of offices have HVAC systems opt for BMS systems, and even those who opt for it usually find it very difficult to maintain and operate. Hence, we have come up with this very simple and scalable system which has received a big thumbs up from several facility managers,” said Avinash.

The IoT – Building Manager from Silvan is already seeing strong market pull and adoption and is working with partners all over the country to roll it out in the market.