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Silvan Launches IoT-Based Conference Room Automation – Silvan BOARD

Business Wire India
Conference rooms are an integral part of any business setup and have a remarkable influence on the conducting of efficient meetings, both internal and external, of the organization.
There has been a tremendous growth in the technology related to video and audio conferencing, wireless content sharing, lighting and video displays over the past few years. Devices incorporating these latest technologies are available for use in conference rooms with a wide range of features and prices. However, one aspect that is not available is a comprehensive interface to link these devices for coordinated and effective user control. Hence, setting up all these devices during the meeting becomes a difficult and time-consuming exercise for most of the users.
Such an interface would ideally allow disparate devices in the conference room to be operated with simple, user-understandable scenarios such as “Presentation Mode”, “Meeting Mode”, “Video Conferencing Mode” etc. This interface would allow users to quickly and easily configure the devices, hence making more productive use of their time during meetings.
To address these issues, Silvan Innovation Labs has launched a revolutionary system – Silvan BOARD – which is based on IoT technology. This system retrofits into a conference room, communicates with existing, installed devices and provides a simple interface to set the room into different modes of operation.
The devices used in Silvan BOARD can be installed quickly and easily in an existing conference room, without impacting the décor of the room. The system is modular and adapts itself for any future additions or replacements.
“The traditional approach to conference room automation involves an elaborate set of devices which need to be installed in the room. Often, the controls are non-intuitive, and companies need the services of an IT manager to set up the rooms before any meeting. This effectively takes away the very purpose of an automation system. Our approach is to ensure that anyone – from a manager to a guest – can use the system without any prior understanding of the controls. There should be no need for professional help to set up or run the system,” said Avinash Gautam, CEO of Silvan Innovation Labs.