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Shree Rapid Technologies, Now the Official Sales Partner of GOM a ZEISS Company

Additive Manufacturing is being recognized progressively by more companies as the technology continues to become a viable production process. Strengthening the process, Shree Rapid Technologies (SRT) at the forefront of enabling 3D Technology in India has now partnered with GOM a Zeiss company, taking the first step in reorganizing the AM workflow in the country by introducing the latest in optical metrology and bringing the best of 3D Scanning technology to the country.
With the aim of being an end-to-end Digital Manufacturing provider unlike any other in the world, providing its clients with the opportunity to Reverse Engineer, Design, Produce, and Post Process production ready parts under one roof SRT is set to become India’s only complete Digital Manufacturing Workflow supplier. Taking the first step towards its goal, SRT partners with GOM to provide the Indian manufacturing industry with Scanners and Reverse Engineering Technology such as GOM ATOS Q Blue Light Scanner, Zeiss T-Scan Contact & Non-contact Scanner, and Zeiss T-Scan Hawk Handheld Scanner along with the Zeiss Reverse Engineering software as a landmark achievement. In addition to the above SRT would also bring GOM Scan 1 the newest member of the #HandsOnMetrology family to the Indian market, this fringe projection scanner is the specialist for measurements of small to medium-sized parts.

All of the above being introduced through an exclusive webinar on the 29th April 2021, registrations open on Shree Rapid Technologies LinkedIn page
Both GOM and Shree Rapid Technologies have individually enjoyed strong growth in the past years and have been proven successful in the market. The aim is to further strengthen this leading technological position together through this partnership, especially in the 3D Printing industry. The combination of existing products and solutions, as well as joint efforts in the future, will lay the foundation for shaping and growing the Additive Manufacturing market in India.
“GOM is the international standard for optical 3D metrology, offering machines and systems for manual and automated 3D digitizing, evaluation software. Thus, having them on board with us is of a great advantage to boost our aim of being the sole provider of end-to-end solutions in the Indian AM industry offering the best brands, providing our customers with the best solutions based on their specific needs, and developing the Indian Digital Manufacturing Sector,” commented Mr. Nitin Chaudhari, Partner, SRT.