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Shifting the Gears From a Knowledge-Based Economy to a Skill-Based Economy – Techademy Evolves Into a One-Stop Platform for Tech Skilling

As the tech industry evolved from knowledge-based roles to skill-based roles, especially in IT domain, it is imperative for organizations to discover and develop tech talent that stands unperturbed in the face of disruptions. Similarly, there’s a need for educational institutions to prepare their students for this categorical shift.

Addressing this challenge, Techademy has evolved into a one-stop platform offering the most relevant, cutting-edge, tech skilling solutions enabling enterprises and educational institutions to acclimatize to this shift in the economy and stay ahead of the curve.

With a focus on role-specific, skill-based, continuous learning in the flow of work, Techademy’s Unified Learning Experience Platform amplifies the impact of employee learning through its continuously updated, engaging features such as interactive player, social learning, and gamification. In addition to this, based on the context such as Graduate Foundation Program or Post- Onboarding Training, Full-stack, or even role-specific learning paths, Techademy offers customised learning solutions. These solutions are further fine-tuned to the mode of delivery (self-paced, blended, or virtual instructor-led) the organization seems fit according to the job roles of the new-normal world.
For educational institutions, Techademy offers solutions that focus on helping the students take the leap from campus to corporate. Courses on top-skills, Hands-on Labs to work on real-life projects, and even on-demand mentor support – all these solutions are designed to help learners add practical skill application to their portfolio and become job-ready.

“We have been in the tech skilling industry for almost as long as the industry itself, we saw seismic shifts in the way continuous learning is approached. From focusing on increasing knowledge of the employees, continuous learning now has evolved into continuous skilling aligned directly to business goals. Continuous skilling now, is one of the corner stones for organizational growth and success. This shift has been catapulted by the nature of jobs themselves – how quickly they are becoming obsolete and how quickly they are being replaced by newer and much more complex roles within the same domain. Techademy evolved with this change simultaneously and is currently offering rich learning experiences to several Fortune 500 organizations and reputed institutions empower the tech workforce of today for tomorrow,”  commented Mr. Keshava Raju, Founder and CEO of Techademy, while talking about Techademy’s role in this shift.