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Scalenut Employs 1000’s Freelancers During Covid-19 Surge

Saas-enabled marketplace, Scalenut provides a platform to 1000+ freelancers to democratize the Global Job market with new-age technology tools. Companies like Medlife, 1MG, Teachmint, Jungleworks, Nurserylive have partnered with Scalenut to create an ecosystem of the top-rated freelancing professionals engaged in high-quality work. Within 4 months of the launch, Scalenut has collaborated with 150 enterprises across 6 countries, building a global content marketing platform.
Scalenut identified a huge problem in the way top-rated freelancing professionals were securing new work. They had to bid for individual projects with elaborate proposals and share their portfolios across several platforms to get more work. Scalenut saw a huge gap and solved it by hiring top talented freelancers in every genre and ensuring clients didn’t have to vet individual freelancers every time they had new projects. The overall quality and engagement are managed by the Scalenut team while the freelancers can focus on their core competency and deliver high-quality work.
The 1000+ Gig Workers on the platform will have the chance to work with international brands for a good remuneration on the content produced. The new age Scalenut platform aims to provide consistent work and necessary tools to improve work quality. The company has a two-pronged approach, one for gig workers and the other for companies as it’s a one-stop-shop for all sorts of written, design, and video content for marketing, promotions, sales, inside collaterals, and more.

The technology tools include a highly customized workflow platform where end customers can track all their work and interact with the professionals working on them. Additionally, AI-based content generation tools under GenerateAI facilitate quicker content generation by consuming almost 5 times less time. Another tool has been recently launched which automatically uses AI-based technology to evaluate the quality of delivered output.

Mr. Mayank Jain, Co-founder, Scalenut said, “Covid-19 was one of the main triggers for us to start Scalenut. We plan to organize the gig economy in the white-collar business services space. Idea is to help millions of gig workers get a reliable income source and at the same time, enable businesses to get high-quality output. We are using technology to automate and improve content generation processes wherever possible.”

Scalenut has employed 1000+ professionals to date on the platform since the time of its inception and now aims to set higher benchmarks to provide gig work to freelancers who have lost their jobs in the pandemic. As per a recent report, the Gig Economy in India will see a surge of 15% In India amidst the pandemic.

Quite interestingly, businesses from various domains have shown interest in this platform. Top Clientele belongs to EdTech, SaaS, E-Commerce, and HealthCare domains which are generating content with Scalenut to grow their businesses. When enterprises in every field are devising ways to go smarter for their in-house tasks, freelancing job engagement and work management as a problem remains to be solved optimally.