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Sarvvid Launches Sarvvid Box – India’s First Decentralized Cloud Storage Application

Sarvvid – India’s first decentralised cloud storage platform launches its application SARVVID BOX, available at Play Store for the desktop, iOS, Android systems, and Sarvvid web for desktop. The application is an Indian file storage platform, inspired by blockchain technology, works on a decentralized cloud storage that provides storage options for businesses as well as individual users. Sarvvid Box presents to India a very safe, secure, and private platform to store all their data on a network of nodes (servers) rather than one centralized server and giving every user the authority of their data. It is India’s first company to enter the market of decentralized cloud storage systems and encourage all the new startups and entrepreneurs to use local for all their data storage needs.

Sarvvid box launches Decentralized based file storage solutions that work by storing files across multiple computers, or nodes, on a decentralized network. With no single point of failure or single authority that has oversight over the files, these solutions provide benefits such as greater privacy, faster speeds, fairer market prices, and minimal file loss. In short, one will be the master of data and break the monopoly rule of the big tech company that has made privacy a child’s play.

Sarvvid Box ensures data security and data privacy for all Indians with its brand new and futuristic technology. It aims to provide utmost convenience to all its users and new hope to the nation. SARVVID BOX application is available for download over play store with various features that assure easy uploading of data, with real-time access, and smooth and hassle-free use. The application is user-friendly and allows free storage up to 20GB for the first 35000 users, post that it is priced at INR2 per GB till 5TB of storage making it appropriate for individual users, post that SARVVID provides packages with more reasonable prices starting at from Silver package and going till platinum (available on website) which is beneficial for not only individual but also for entities like educational centres, hospitality industry, health sector, budding startup and many more to securely store their data.