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Rubix and Finao Collaborate to Bring Blockchain Infrastructure to Non-Profits, Starting with the YMCA

Business Wire IndiaRubix Blockchain Pte Ltd. (, and FINAO LLC ( are collaborating to build a 360 degree Rubix blockchain infrastructure for non-profits, initiating with the YMCA ( The collaboration will yield a robust decentralized online ecosystem and services based on the Rubix blockchain.

According to KC Reddy, founder & chief architect of Rubix, “The capacity for the Rubix blockchain to add measurable value to non-profits is immense. This is a collaboration of passion for Rubix, as we’ve qualified the ability to significantly impact nearly all critical aspects of non-profit operations, and I’m pleased we’re starting with the YMCA FINAO project. Web3 will offer non-profits a valuable channel of leveraging NFTs, smart-contracts, donation management and ESG reporting using the power of Rubix green blockchain technology.”

Per Wallace Greene, the founder and CEO of FINAO, “There are numerous segments of non-profit customer and partner systems that will be made more efficient, secure, transparent, and trusted as a result of a systems integration that includes NFTs, Smart Contracts, and ESG reporting systems.”

Mr. Greene confirms this implementation will be initiated with the YMCAs and will be scaled globally. He has confirmed that the project will include the deployment of a comprehensive Rubix blockchain application that will enhance the ability of non-profits to be much more effective in all aspects of their internal operations as well as their interaction and relationships with customers and partners. Mr. Greene went on to confirm that this collaboration will bring a new level of sustainability and business value to the non-profit space.