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Rediscover Thuraya WE

For almost every task, we now expect that ‘there’s an app for that’. Businesses are capitalising on a $105 billion app economy, with a CAGR of 57% this year. Recently, and because of the pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for apps to support remote operations. It is estimated that unplanned downtime costs businesses $50 billion every year with maintenance expenses between 15% to 40% of production cost.


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Rediscover THURAYA WE- Affordable access to corporate & welfare apps (Graphic: Business Wire)

Rediscover THURAYA WE- Affordable access to corporate & welfare apps (Graphic: Business Wire)

While business continuity for remote operations is ensured in areas under GSM coverage, keeping faraway units connected is challenging. Thuraya WE changes the status quo, enabling affordable packages for personal communication and supplying high-end video transmissions from the field.


“Our solutions are inspired by collaborations with humanitarian missions and remote enterprises. We understand challenges in the field, and in introducing new capabilities of Thuraya WE, we address the pain points of these operations. Along with Thuraya Telecommunications, we’re bringing affordable satcom connectivity to remote teams,” shares Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group. “Thuraya WE can enable a welfare programme at costs comparable to GSM,” he adds. Credits may be offered within a corporate CSR programme, and when the need arises, additional units can be available for purchase onsite or through distribution channels.


When coupled with OneAssist (powered by DigiGone) and a handsfree headset (a rugged device that can be attached to helmets and used with safety glasses), Thuraya WE levels up into a powerful remote management solution. OneAssist is accessed via a high-resolution display that corresponds to a 7” tablet view. Field personnel can stay in touch with HQ, share live videos and snapshots of onsite issues, and receive assistance from faraway experts in low bandwidth environments. This increases operational efficiency and saves costs by eliminating the logistics of sending a support team to the field.


“With Thuraya’s coverage across two-thirds of the globe, Thuraya WE ensures ease of use, affordability, and efficiency,” says Jassem Nasser, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Thuraya Telecommunications Company. “Thuraya WE is a solution that expands the scope of business operations for diverse sectors to areas outside terrestrial coverage. As demands evolve, we focus on innovative solutions and applications that keep our customers ahead of the curve.”


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