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Redefining the Rules of the Game, OnMobile Launches ONMO Games

Business Wire IndiaOnMobile, the global leader in mobile entertainment, announces the launch of ONMO Games, changing the rules for how games are played on mobile phones and tablets. No longer will users pay for premium games or spend money on in-app purchases. With ONMO Games users will have access to one of the largest collections of premium and freemium games in one service, at a low monthly subscription fee. Ideal for mobile operators, users and game developers alike, the new ONMO Games service is breaking the traditional app store distribution model. 

A perfect solution for parents, ONMO games allows parents to monitor their children’s activity, establish play time limits by the number of hours or time of day, restrict game types, and they no longer have to worry about excessive in-app purchases. Plus, as an added benefit, children will no longer be exposed to advertising when subscribed to this service, so parents can rest assured.

As most operators have a Triple play and Quadruple play service and start to offer a Family plan where one household bill covers multiple lines, there is a strong incentive to enhance their offering of premium services. The family-friendly ONMO Games service is ideal for telecom operators, looking to improve their suite of services to households.

“The mobile gaming market will be over $50 billion in the next few years,” says Laith Murad, Chief Marketing Officer of OnMobile. “Our customers and partners continue to look to us to deliver seamless and integrated solutions that bring value to their customers, so it was only natural to now offer a service for games to meet the market demand.”

ONMO Games delivers a premium experience. The games catalogue has been carefully curated with the best games and will be priced as a monthly service add-on by operators. The service offers a safe environment where every game meets stringent quality criteria and comes from well-known brands and carefully selected independent game providers.

Today, developers of freemium games rely on ads and in-app purchases for monetization. OnMobile is proposing an alternative with ONMO Games where games developers are remunerated based on the usage of their games.

“This is similar to the music streaming model. The revenue received by an artist on a music streaming service is directly proportional to the number of streams their music generates against the total number of streams,” says Florent Stroppa, SVP of Products. “We believe that with ONMO Games, we have a model that rewards the best games. It is not about having the most efficient ads, it is about delivering the most engaging experience.”