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Prophecy Sensorlytics Announces Breakthrough Bio-Sensor Technology to Detect Covid-19 and Other Spike Viruses in Air

Prophecy Sensorlytics Pvt. Ltd. (the Indian subsidiary of MachineSense LLC, USA) announced today the development of a breakthrough in bio-sensor technology that detects Covid-19 and other spike protein viruses in aerosol phase. This new sensing technology is based on properties of moving spike proteins and its colloidal interaction with specific liquids which generates reliable electrical signals detecting even a tiny droplet with 50-100 viruses in aerosol phase. The current technology is not based on specific RNA or DNA sequence but can detect the presence of viruses that are enveloped in spike proteins. Covid-19, Influenza and other cold viruses are enveloped in spike proteins and thus the new sensor will detect the presence of any of these common viruses in the air in any public space or gathering.
For the last six months, the R&D team of Prophecy Sensorlytics has tested this bio-sensor technology in various virology labs including the government-owned Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology (RGCB), Kerala, India. The accuracy of the system has been verified with SARS-CoV-2 Pseudovirions, five strains of Influenza and other different types of viruses with spike proteins. It has also been used in local hospitals and clinics. The company has already filed two utility patents in India & the USA.
“This innovation opens up a new possibility in public safety in our war against the pandemic. With the rising second wave, it is extremely clear, vaccines or other measures will have limitations against new strains which will keep coming with every new season. Since all the Covid mutants will have spike proteins, this breakthrough is a cost-effective way to ensure safe breathable airspace in public gatherings. This can be installed in every public space and transportation such as in workplaces, app cabs, trains, flights, churches, restaurants and schools, etc. Once virus is detected, people can take the first preventive measure by moving out of the place just like anyone will do in case of a fire alarm,” said Conrad Bessemer, Chairman. “This technology will be especially useful during India’s ongoing election season where public gatherings large and small can be made safer,” added Bessemer.
In the past year, Prophecy Sensorlytics also released an automated fever detection system called FeverWarn which is currently one of the most popular automated mass fever detection technologies in the USA. Feverwarn is equipped with patented OPX technology which makes fever screening more accurate than its competitors in the market because the system relates skin temperature with core-body temperature algorithmically. The main advantage of OPX technology is its ability to deliver accurate readings even in hot or cold environments whereas ordinary tech is limited to accuracy in ambient conditions only. With the release of this virus detection system, Prophecy Sensorlytics and its US parent MachineSense, aim to develop a complete set of technologies to keep the public safe from virus attacks.